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Lightweight Wallets

Tri-Fold Wallet
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RFID Blocking Leather Super Skinny Bifold
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Super Stretch [Super Skinny] Bifold
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How Light Is It?

Ideally, a good lightweight wallet will cut down your wallet weight by 50 to 75 percent. You might think your wallet, when empty, isn’t too heavy to begin with. But did you know that companies like Big Skinny are making lightweight wallets that weigh less than one ounce? That’s so light that you won’t even feel the added weight of a wallet at all.

But how can wallets that light still carry everything in your current wallet? In the case of Big Skinny, it’s the material that makes the wallet so light. This company created a proprietary, ultra-thin, nylon microfiber material that’s up to seven times light and thinner than leather. This allows them to create razor-thin wallets that can still hold all your cash, change and cards. In fact, some of their wallets can carry 30 cards or more.

Finding a Lightweight Wallet

There are two ways you can find a great lightweight wallet. The first is to empty your current wallet and take it to the store with you to compare. You can hold both wallets simultaneously to find out which of the two is lighter. Keep looking until you’ve found one that is significantly lighter than the wallet you’re currently using.

An even more accurate method is to weigh your current wallet when empty. This will give you a base number to work from. Then, you can search in stores or online from retailers that list the weight of their products. Ideally, you’ll be able to find a wallet that weighs 1 ounce or less. That’s a truly light weight that will ease all those pains or annoyances caused by your current heavy wallet.

Whether you want a wallet that’s water-resistant, one that holds a lot of cards or one with a plastic window for your driver’s license or work ID, there are wallets out there that that will give you both a lighter weight and all the features that you need for a functional accessory.

To find some of the best wallets in this category, search for “lightweight wallets” online. There are several great retailers out there who are offering attractive and functional wallets which also happen to be incredibly lightweight.

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