Leather iPhone 6 Wallets

If you are a diehard iPhone fan, you may have counted down the days until the iPhone 6 was released and waited outside of your favorite store to be the first in line to buy your new phone. Now that you have your phone, you should consider a cellphone wallet by Big Skinny that combines the style of an iPhone case with the functionality of a Big Skinny Wallet. Our cellphone wallets are available in various styles and will provide for a convenient way to hold your phone, ID, bank cards and cash. By using a cellphone wallet, you can be assured that you will not leave the house and forget to bring your ID, credit cards or phone because all of these items will be housed in the wallet. These wallets include elasticized pockets to keep your iPhone in place and similar to other Big Skinny products, these wallets can hold numerous plastic cards (some models can 30 cards for example), your ID and some even have a zippered pocket or pouch to store coins. All of our wallets are very durable and are made using our famous ultra-thin, lightweight nylon. With all sorts of different holders, clips and designs to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect iPhone 6 wallet in this impressive collection. Please note: With the ever increasing size of cellphones, you should measure the dimensions of your phone and compare them to the dimensions of our cases to ensure a perfect fit. We do have cellphone wallets that are oversized to fit these newer models so be sure to select the proper wallet for your phone. Also, some if our wallets do not accommodate bulky protective cases.