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Key Case Wallet

Keeping it thin

Big Skinny's key case wallets are made of a proprietary nylon microfiber that's 50 percent lighter than traditional wallets and thin, too. Instead of having an old-fashioned brick of a wallet bulging inside one pocket and an overloaded keychain bulging in the other, you have one sleek wallet with a key case inside.

Big Skinny's key case, in addition to having six key hooks and one removable key ring inside, has an interior pocket to hold plastic cards and cash. A full zip closure secures everything inside. And, it's only 4 5/16 inches by 2 2/4 inches in size. Big Skinny's leather key case has all of the above, plus a premium cowhide leather exterior.

Key case alternatives

Big Skinny's Lynx wallet has plenty of places to put ringed key-holders, as well as lots of extras. The Lynx has two general gusseted storage areas, five extra-wide credit card pockets, an extra-wide ID card wallet, an oversized exterior storage pocket and an exterior gusseted zippered coin pocket. The wallet's entire perimeter is zippered to secure your stuff. In addition to having pockets for key rings, this extra roomy wallet has enough space to hold your cell phone and a charger with memory cards. Yet, it's only 4 1/2 inches wide and 3 3/4 tall, and only 1/2 inch thin when closed. We call that a 21st century key case wallet with perks.

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