How to Pack a Wallet?

If you have purchased - or are considering buying - a new Big Skinny wallet, you have made a wise decision. Big Skinny wallets are of course the world's thinnest wallets and this ultra-thin, flat design makes the wallet very light and comfortable to have in your pocket. Despite this light size, our wallets can hold a large number of credit, debit and ID cards as well as cash. Although our wallets sizes are 50 percent smaller than regular wallets when filled properly, you should not cram all of your plastic cards, cash and paper receipts into the wallet and expect the same results. If you stretch your wallet to the maximum size, the fit will not be as comfortable as it should be and more importantly, you should not leave your house with all of your financial possessions in your back pocket. We want you to get all of the benefits of our Big Skinny wallets, therefore, we are providing you with tips on how to pack a wallet.

First, you should only carry the essentials in your wallet: a driver's license, credit card and bank cards and some cash. If you are a person who feels comfortable in public carrying a couple of $20 bills because you tend to use your debit card for purchases, carry only the two $20 bills. Our wallets are designed with a unique rubberized backing that is added to the reverse of the material that makes it harder to lose your cards and cash. The fact that your cash will be more secure (from falling out) with our wallets does not mean you should carry 30 or 40 paper bills at one time. Use this same philosophy for your plastic cards. Big Skinny wallets have extra-wide pockets that each can fit three to five plastic cards. These pockets are roomier for your fingers and the rubberized backing helps to keep your cards in the wallet. You should realistically only need to carry a debit card and one or two credit cards when you leave the house. Combined with a gas card and automobile club card, five total plastic cards are more than sufficient. Although we say our wallets can hold 20, 25 or 30 plastic cards, do you really need to leave the house with that much plastic? Pack only what you need and you will be good to go.