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How to Pack a Wallet?

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Second, our wallets have generously sized sections to hold your cash. As a result, you should also place your cash in the wallet in a flat, horizontal manner. There is really no need to fold your cash for placement in the wallet, especially if you choose to place your cash in the credit card pockets. Folded cash wastes space in the wallet and quickly increases the size of the wallet. This defeats the purpose of seeking out a thin wallet. If you are not a fan of using a wallet's billfold area for holding your cash, consider using a money clip bi-fold wallet. Your cash will be held in front of your credit cards by a secure money clip and this design makes it less likely for you to stuff your wallet with large quantities of paper currency.

Third, remember that your wallet is not designed to be a repository for junk. Remove items like lottery tickets and receipts from your wallet before your it becomes cluttered. You do not want to be characterized as a hoarder when you take your wallet out of your pocket when producing an ID or retrieving cash. Make a note to yourself, if you don't need it, chuck it. If you went to a fast food establishment or coffee house, do you really need to keep the receipt? If you have purchased a big ticket item and need the receipt for a possible return, keep the receipt at home and only carry it when you are making the actual return.

Fourth, unless your wallet has a change purse, keep loose coins out of the wallet. Trust us, it will be virtually impossible to have a thin wallet if it is filled with loose coins.

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