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How Many Wallets Should a Man Have?

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It's almost tradition at this point that man should wear down one wallet until it's completely unusable and falling apart before replacing it with a wallet that's identical in style and color. Women on the other hand, don't have the same expectation placed upon them. Women are free to mix and match their wallets to their outfits. For men, matching a wallet to an outfit is deemed unnecessary and excessive. Even if the aim isn't strictly fashion-oriented, having multiple wallets is often deemed too time consuming and difficult to manage.

There is a new wave in men's fashion that is slowly permeating mainstream culture. What a man should or shouldn't wear isn't as arbitrary as it once was. With more freedom, men are able to tailor their choices in dress and accessories to their circumstances. For instance, a construction worker might favor a zippered wallet that clips to his belt loops to ensure he never loses it, while an executive might prefer a slim leather bifold that fits easily in his back pocket. The options for customizing are endless, really.

When Two Wallets Are Better Than One

When your hobbies and your day job don't exactly line up, two wallets may be a smarter choice. If by day you spend your time working in an office where professionalism and looking well-dressed is expected, a nice leather bifold might be the best choice. Now, let's say on the weekends you like to go white water rafting or mountain biking. For these activities a delicate leather bifold isn't going to fair very well. Sport wallets and fully water-resistant wallets are much more appropriate for these occasions.

Whether it's function or fashion, there are plenty of occasions when having multiple wallet options can prove useful.

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