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How Many Wallets Are Stolen Each Year?

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A wallet is among the most common items people lose or have stolen. Chances are high that having your wallet stolen is something that will happen at least once in your lifetime-- more often if you're less careful. If you do happen to have your wallet stolen, are you prepared for the fallout? Here are a few ways you can protect yourself:

Increase Your Chances of Getting Your Wallet Back

Psychologists in the UK have discovered the key to getting a stolen wallet back has everything to do with what pictures you keep. One study revealed baby pictures had an overwhelmingly high return rate of stolen wallets. Researchers believe the baby pictures brought out an emotional response in people that made them more likely to return it.

So, appeal to a thief's emotions and keep baby pictures front and center with a photo insert or a wallet with a built-in clear pocket.

Front Pocket Is Best

Many people prefer keep to their wallets in their back pockets or in a separate bag, but these are not the safest spots available. Front pockets are the best places for wallets and will deter thieves from attempting to steal yours right from under your nose. If comfort is an issue, get a curved wallet with a rounded edge that's ideally shaped for slipping into front pockets.

Stop Electronic Pickpockets

Some thieves don't need to physically steal your wallet to get everything they need. Data thieves can use silent technology to steal your identity and banking information without you even knowing it. Investing in a RFID blocking wallet gives you built-in protection from data thieves by creating a barrier against radio waves.

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