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RFID Blocking Traveler Wallet
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Traveler Wallet
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Leather Traveler
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Verdant Green LTWVGTuxedo Black TRAVBK30Graphite LTRAGRAPH
Thin looks good

You don't see James Bond traveling from Paris to Rome with bulges showing from his $5,000 suit. Or is it $50,000, including all the spy gadgets he's carrying? Thin passport holders are sleek. Thin passport holder wallets from Big Skinny let you carry your passport, cash, plastic cards and currency in one wallet versus a wallet and separate passport holder.

Don't lose your stuff, either

Traditional passport holders and wallets have two problems. The card and cash pockets are small, so it's hard to pull out what you need without dropping it. Traditional passport wallet pockets also tend to stretch over time, multiplying the threat of having all that important stuff spill out when you open your wallet. Big Skinny passport travel wallets have a special coating inside each pocket to secure your stuff. Wider pockets will accommodate more cards and extra-large foreign currency.

You don't have to be rich to be thin

Big Skinny travel wallets and passport holder wallets are much less expensive than old-fashioned travel wallets and passport holders. Since the proprietary materials are our invention, we can charge less for Big Skinny travel passport wallets. Choose our nylon microfiber wallets or leather hybrid wallets with top-grain leather on the outside and super-skinny nylon microfiber material inside.

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