Hidden Travel Wallets

For travel wallets, think thin

Traveling abroad is no adventure if you lose your passport. If you carry a big, thick passport holder, you're also advertising what you've got in your pocket to international pickpockets. That's why thin is in when it comes to travel wallets with hidden passport pockets.

5 Reasons to Carry Thin Passport Wallet

Less is more

You've got enough on your hands to shove everything you need into your luggage for that big trip abroad. Don't add an old-fashioned fat passport wallet. Big Skinny passport travel wallets will hold all your must-have documents, plus cash and cards in a travel wallet that's s only 1/8 inch thick when closed. These passport holders are made of a thin, but tough proprietary blend nylon microfiber material, which is why they are so thin. They're also tough enough to toss machine wash and air dry.

Passports in hiding

Passports have a unique shape that's larger than traditional wallets. Carry a traditional passport holder, and you might as well paint a sign on your back with an arrow pointing to the pocket holding your passport. A thin passport holder wallet won't create that telltale bulge. A Big Skinny passport holder wallet has a hidden compartment for your passport with a cover flap for extra security.