Folded Bill Wallet

When it comes to the perfect design for a folded bill wallet, nothing comes close to the Big Skinny. Our advanced design uses an ultra-thin, durable and water-resistant microfiber material. The wallets have various pockets that separate your cards and cash so that even when folded, it sits flat and is 50 to 75 percent thinner than a conventional bulky wallet. We have folded bill wallets in various styles. There is a tri-fold wallet that will hold up to 30 cards and has a full-size pocket for your bills. We have a tri-fold wallet that has 2 billfold areas, a snap closure and external zippered pocket for your coins. There is a multi-pocket bi-fold wallet with oversized hidden storage pockets, and a compact sports wallet. For those who frequently travel, we have a special folded bill wallet called the World Bi-fold Wallet. These are designed to fit large-sized currency from different countries. This wallet style is also available with an outside zippered pocket for quick retrieval of coins.