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If culling the contents of your wallet doesn't sound like an appealing option or, if you've already removed as much of the contents as you can, you can always opt for a better-designed wallet that's made of thinner materials and is more flexible. Flexible wallets are more comfortable to sit on and are easier to carry in front pockets or other small spaces. While men are more likely to find thick wallets uncomfortable, as they often wear them in back pockets and sit on them, women can still appreciate a slimmer, lighter design that takes up less room in a purse and adds less weight. As a bonus, a flexible wallet will also eliminate cracked cards that result from the excessive force of a rigid and overly full wallet.

To completely eliminate wallet sciatica, it's best to combine tactics to solve the problem. Change where you keep your wallet, opting for a front pocket that doesn't change your posture or restrict movement, cull unnecessary items and opt for a better design that's thinner and more flexible. There are many styles of thin and flexible wallets at Big Skinny, so you can find the perfect style of wallet that's slim, flexible and perfect for your needs. The flexible wallets are made of nylon micro-fiber and can shrink the final wallet size by 50 percent or more.

Flexible wallets come in all of the traditional wallet styles including bifold, trifold and checkbook varieties. Newer styles are also available that incorporate a place for a cell phone or an RFID passport. Flexible wallets can be closed with a flap, magnet closure, zipper or a button, depending on your preferred wallet. The way your wallet closes is an important consideration for active people that need the added security to keep the contents of their wallet secure. For the slimmest option available, try a money clip wallet. The design includes a clip to hold bills as well as a few credit card slots for plastic cards. The designs are usually flexible and may be worn in any pocket.

Besides easing unnecessary aches and pains, flexible wallets made of nylon materials are available in a much wider range of colors than leather wallets. Bright colors and even prints are common, so you can have greater freedom to express yourself through your accessories. For traditionalists, plain black and brown nylon fabrics are also available.

While eliminating wallet pain sounds great, you're probably wondering how durable a flexible non-leather wallet can be. Today's fabric wallets are made of advanced materials such as nylon microfibers that are as durable as leather, resist sun-fading and wear at a rate that's comparable to leather. Because wallets are usually carried in protected spaces like pockets or purses, flexible fabric wallets will last for many years under normal conditions. Many styles of flexible nylon microfiber wallets are vegan and made from non-animal sources so you can feel good about your fashion choices. If you're a traditionalist at heart, look into hybrid wallets that have thin leather exteriors and durable nylon interiors. These wallets offer the look and luxury of a traditional leather wallet, but with less bulk.

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