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Executive Checkbook Wallet Video Review

Two Versions to Choose From

Like many of our wallets the Executive Checkbook is crafted from nylon micro fiber. Our choice in fabric is what gives our wallets their super thin appearance. That said, not everyone loves the look of fabric wallets, so we've whipped up a leather-hybrid version that offers a more traditional visual appearance by still has the super slim profile you can expect from a Big Skinny wallet. The leather version has a cover made of highly durable top-grain cowhide leather and interior compartments made of our super thin nylon micro fiber fabric.

In this wallet we've given you enough space to store your checkbook and all of your other valuable, like your credit cards, IDs and cash. There are two billfolds pockets that are large enough to fit a personal checkbook. Use one to store your checks and the other to store your bills.

Design and Features

To keep this wallet as slim as possible we've divided the card pockets into two stacks instead of piling the cards on top of each other. This way you get one flat sheet of cards that are clearly visible and easy to pull out. At the very front of the card pockets you'll find two clear plastic pockets that you can use to display your photo ID. The ID pockets and the other card pockets are able to hold between three to five plastic cards. The whole wallet can hold about 30-36 plastic cards. Every pocket, including the billfolds areas, have been lined with a rubbery coating to help keep your items in place. We've also added a magnetic snap closure to help keep your wallet securely shut.

Glued double-stitched seams protect your wallet against fraying and loose threads. The nylon micro fiber version of this wallet is washing machine safe and should be air dried for around 20 minutes after washing.

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