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The Multi-Pocket Bi-Fold Wallet is made of vegan nylon microfiber that measures only 1/8-inch thin when closed, and it’s much friendlier on the environment than other wallet materials. This means that the wallet features the exceptionally thin shape that Big Skinny products are known for, with five card pockets and two clear identification card pockets that can each hold multiple cards. The nylon microfiber exterior is lined with a non-slip interior that keeps your cards securely in place, giving you all of the benefits of a leather wallet without the harmful effects on the environment.

In addition to its cruelty-free manufacturing process, Big Skinny’s environmentally friendly wallets are also easier on the world’s resources because of their longer life spans. The vegan nylon microfiber used to make these wallets is known for being water-resistant and tough enough even for the washing machine, which means that you can wash them again and again to prevent them from becoming stained or water damaged. Sturdy, double-edged perimeter stitching keeps the wallet securely together without tattering and tearing, and it keeps your cash and credit cards inside without falling out of the wallet’s pockets. Due to their impressive durability, Big Skinny’s environmentally friendly wallets eliminate the need for a new wallet every few years, which is also helps to reduce waste.

No matter your style or needs, Big Skinny carries vegan wallets for people of all genders, ages and preferences. Our wide selection of women’s ecofriendly wallets includes fashion-forward options that don’t sacrifice style in order to decrease the toxic chemicals in our air and water. The Slimvelope Tri-Fold Checkbook wallet has a long, retro-inspired envelope shape that is slim and elegant, and it’s made of Big Skinny’s signature nylon microfiber material that’s very durable. The Slimvelope even comes in a variety of feminine color options that make it just as fun as it is sustainable. If you prefer something that’s a bit more compact, the Taxicat Bi-Fold Wallet is another great choice. This bi-fold wallet features a rounded end that makes it fit more easily into a pocket or purse, and the magnetic snap closure keeps everything inside safe and secure.

Just because a wallet is ecofriendly doesn’t mean that it can’t also be technologically advanced. The days of hemp and cotton pouch-style wallets are a thing of the past, and there are now quite a few options for vegan wallets that correspond with your electronic devices. Big Skinny’s cell phone wallets come in environmentally sound materials like nylon microfiber that feature pockets for your cash and credit cards, as well as your cell phone, combining the traditional look of a wallet with the modern convenience of a cell phone cover.

The myPhone Wallet and Plus Sized myPhone Wallet are some of Big Skinny’s best options for ecofriendly cell phone wallets. These two choices are made of vegan nylon microfiber that makes the size slim and compact, and it is completely free of the animal byproducts that harm the air and water. This conscious material is also water-resistant, which means that you can carry it every day without fearing cell phone water damage from sweat, rain or an unexpected drop in the sink. A number of pockets hold three to four plastic cards each, and the billfold compartment is even large enough to accommodate foreign currency. On the opposite side, the myPhone Wallet contains a spacious cell phone pocket perfect for a Blackberry, Android or iPhone device. An elasticized strap across the top even provides additional security for your electronics.

The world we live in is constantly changing and evolving, but living a simple, green lifestyle will always be important. Using environmentally friendly products is a great way to conserve everything from the trees to the animal kingdom to our future generations. Shop Big Skinny’s large selection of eco conscious wallets to find stylish, functional products made using only vegan materials and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to go green in unexpected aspects of your life.

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