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Cycling Wallets: Geared Toward Riders Who Love Thin, Lightweight Wallets

Compact Sports Wallet
225 Reviews
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Leather Hybrid Bi-Fold Compact Sports Wallet
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Chocolate Brown SBR25Tuxedo Black SBK25
Buffed Leather Sport Bifold
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Super skinny wallets are the ideal cycling wallet among two-wheeled travelers thanks to their streamlined, out-of-the-way constructions and convenient, easy-access pockets. When you're atop your bicycle, the last thing you need is a clunky, hard wallet separating you from your perfectly cushioned seat. Wallets for bikers are designed to fit perfectly in your back pocket, cycling jersey pocket or travel pack for element protection, quick accessibility and on-board functionality. Made to be 50 percent thinner than traditional wallets, these slender accessories offer a flat surface for extreme comfort while you ride.

With sizes and styles that feel like they're barely there, our thin, comfortable wallets will change the way you think about the traditional pocketbook. Big Skinny wallets are three to five times thinner and more lightweight than a regular wallet, but they don't compromise on cargo space. With these skinny accessories, you can ditch the saddle bags and hit the open road free of added weight. Plus, you can give your bottom a rest, because let's face it: you don't need anything coming between you and your seat.

Smart Materials and Fabrics

Made from durable, heavy-duty materials, our cycling wallets keep everything organized in a small, compact case that you can access quickly while on the road. Designed to keep your credit cards, cash, personal identification, change and other essential items together in one place, our biker wallets come in a variety of sturdy, protective materials, including leather, nylon microfiber and more. What's unique about these cycling-specific wallets is that they're designed for all-weather use, so you can rest easy knowing your personal items are fully protected, even if you're biking through rain, sleet and snow. In fact, our nylon microfiber cycling wallets are actually totally waterproof and tear-proof.

Plenty of Styles to Choose From

Cyclists have a whole slew of leather hybrid, nylon microfiber wallet styles to choose from. We even have a sleek buffed version of our leather wallet sport wallet that just screams luxury. Now, when we say "leather wallet," what we really mean is leather hybrid. We love using smart, innovative technologies to give our customers wallets that offer both style points and complete functionality.

All of our nylon microfiber wallets are 100 percent vegan and some even feature secure, magnetic closures to help ensure that all of your personal belongings stay right where they need to be, no matter how fast you're traveling. The secret to our stylish microfiber and nylon wallets is the in the construction. Because of the durable, waterproof appeal of manmade materials, these wallets are easy to care for and are even machine washable. Microfiber is also a top choice among bikers because it's enormously lightweight. We offer cool nylon microfiber wallets in solid colors and patterns, including brightly colored geometric patterns, to meet the needs of the high-personality biker.

We also offer a huge variety of bike-friendly leather wallets made from top-grain cowhide leather, available in colors including red, green, black and brown. For extreme functionality, Big Skinny leather wallets feature a hybrid of materials, so they use top-quality leather and nylon microfiber to give you the world's thinnest, most lightweight cycling wallet ever. By combining these durable, all-purpose materials, you're left with an extremely protective case that organizes all your most valued possessions through all-weather elements. Hybrid leather wallets from Big Skinny feature super thin, non-stick nylon microfiber on the inside, allowing for a super flat surface, and top-grain leather overlay on the exterior to help maintain that classic, leather look.

Our thin wallets come in a huge selection of sizes and styles, including L-shaped, bi-fold, tri-fold, checkbook covers and money clip styles. You may think a standard bi- or tri-fold wallet would be a cyclist's worst nightmare, but then you probably haven't yet met Big Skinny's Super Skinny Bi-Fold Wallet and Super Skinny Tri-Fold Wallet. Because we've truly gotten our wallet-making skills down to a precise science, you don't have to compromise on your favorite shape or style when you choose a cycling wallet from Big Skinny. All of these cool cases offer ample credit card slots, extra wide I.D. pockets, zippered coin compartments and super secure closures - all while maintaining our reputation for slender, lightweight designs. We also offer cell phone wallets, passport wallets and credit card sleeves to meet the unique needs of the road-minded rider.

Storage Pockets and Special Features

There are three main things to remember about Big Skinny wallets: they are half the size of a traditional wallet, they offer two to three times more storage space than the average wallet, and they are extremely resilient. Much of our success with cutting down on space has to do with the nylon microfiber fabric we use to construct the interiors, and in some cases, exteriors of our wallets.

In each of our wallets' card pockets you can expect to comfortably store around three to four plastic cards. In any one model of compact sports wallet from Big Skinny, you'll be able to comfortably hold at least 20-25 cards!

No matter the material, style, size or design, Big Skinny's huge selection of thin wallets is geared toward cyclists. The days of clunky, in-the-way pocketbooks are gone, so you can get back to the open road with nothing standing in your way. Now we just need to find a way to deal with rider's other main concern - cars.

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