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Curve Front Pocket Wallet Video Guide

Curve Front Pocket Wallets will save your front pockets from rips and tears. They look very similar to regular wallets, but with one crucial difference. Our Curve wallets have a rounded outer edge that can be slipped into a front pocket without risking a tear.

Another great feature of this wallet is its ultra-thin width. Even when filled up with cards and cash, the Curve is still 50-70 percent thinner than the average wallet. We use an extra thin, but extremely durable material called nylon micro fiber to achieve this.

The Curve flips open just like a regular bifold wallet. Inside you'll find several extra-large pockets that are capable of holding three to four cards each. There is also a clear plastic pocket you can use to store personal identification. About 20 plastic cards can fit in this wallet. Not everyone needs to carry around 20 credit cards, so you might worry about cards slipping out of the super wide pockets. You can set those worries aside because we've thought of that too. You see, we've lined all of the pockets with a rubberized coating to provide a grippy surface for your cards to cling to.

Take a look at the billfolds area and you'll see there's enough room in there to accommodate cash and receipts. We've also lined this area with our special rubber coating to make sure your bills stay in place.

When it comes time to clean out your wallet, simply toss it in the washing-machine with your laundry. Allow it to air dry for about 20 minutes.

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