Five Reasons You Need a Credit Card Sleeve

Don't become a victim of identity theft! Who has time or energy to deal with the relentless problems caused by identity fraud? Stay smart and stop fraud before it starts with Big Skinny credit card sleeves that are designed to block hackers from stealing your information.

Credit card companies have started inserting a Radio Frequency Identification chip inside their cards to help guard against identify theft. Though safer than traditional magnetic strips, RFID chips are vulnerable to sophisticated hackers who lurk with special equipment to try and steal your information. Credit card owners should protect themselves by using credit card sleeves which break the flow of communication between the chips and hackers before it starts.

These specialized credit card sleeves:

  1. Protect against payment fraud and identify theft

  2. Simply slide the card into the sleeve and the sleeve back into your wallet. It's really just that simple.

    Many credit cards, drivers' licenses, identification cards, school, government and company ID cards have the RFI chips. U.S. Passports have even had them since 2006! Unlike credit cards with magnetic strips that have to be swiped, the chip allows cards to be scanned quickly via a wireless Internet connection at checkout. Clerks can scan your ID remotely from a distance up to four inches away, making check-out faster. Yet thieves can steal this information from your purse or wallet without your knowledge. Sound like something out of a sci-fi movie? It's not. It's real. Fortunately, special credit card sleeves from Big Skinny carry an RFID blocker that ends the signal before it starts.

  3. Contain technology that blocks radio waves

  4. The card sleeves contain a patented RFID shielding alloy that block radio waves and keep scanners from reading the chip. The sleeves prevent wireless connections from penetrating the chip, so you won't have to fear venturing into a crowd, airport, somewhere on vacation or anywhere else. The design even eliminates the need for waiters and clerks to handle your card. Score one for germaphobes!

  5. Have a creative and functional design

  6. These card sleeves are thin, lightweight and easy to put directly into your wallet alongside your cash. Each sleeve is thin enough that it can fit into the card slots within your wallet. Or carry one credit card and one ID card in the back pocket for a night out. A special thumb design is cut out of each sleeve that gives easy access to the card.

  7. Make great gifts

  8. Encourage a loved one to keep their personal information safe by giving them with a set of credit card sleeves as a gift. Identity theft can take countless hours to rectify and months to regain a good credit standing. Reduce the chance that you or someone you know will become a victim of electronic pickpocketing.

  9. Protects cards from wear

  10. The outer card sleeve is created from paper, and the inner layers include a thin poly film and a layer of RFID-shielding substrate. The sleeves guard against data breaches and also protect cards against abrasions, scratches and moisture.