Cool Wallets

George Costanza had a lot of redeeming qualities on Seinfeld, but being cool was not one of them. His giant exploding wallet certainly didn't help.

You don't see Don Draper carrying around one of those on Mad Men, do you? And for good reason. He's one cultural icon that is debonair through and through, despite his own fictional shortcomings.

The wallet is one small - but in George's case, important - element that defines character. That's the thing about accessories - they help put together your appearance and communicate to the world what you're all about. Poor George's life was constantly in chaos and disarray, just like his wallet. Had he owned a Big Skinny wallet, things might have turned out differently for him - and perhaps the entire Seinfeld gang, too.

Big Skinny wallets are literally the world's thinnest wallets - they're as much as 50 to 75 percent smaller than traditional wallets thanks in part to an ultra-thin nylon microfiber material from the geniuses at Big Skinny. (This is the brand that designed the world's largest wallet, too, which is also cool, but will definitely not fit in your pocket or handbag. But it might get you some attention.)

And, regardless of gender, that thin feature will definitely help you keep up appearances, no matter how cool you actually are deep down inside.

One of Big Skinny's best-selling wallets is The Curve, which is appropriately named given its rounded edges. This is a traditional-looking wallet with a subtle fun spin that elevates it beyond simply another thin black leather wallet: Only three of its sides are square. What's more, Big Skinny also offers The Curve in Chocolate Brown and Red for an even more dramatic - and eye-catching - departure from a traditional black wallet. It's the equivalent of a little black dress - every woman should have one, but it's also nice to find a little black dress with some subtle differences to set yourself apart.