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RFID Blocking Leather Curve Bifold
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Leather Executive Checkbook Wallet
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Tuxedo Black LEXBLK3095Ocean Blue LEXOBLUVerdant Green LEXGRNRed LEXRD3095Navy LEXENY

Plus, thanks to its rounded edges, you can carry it where you never thought you could carry a wallet before, like shirt pockets or front pant pockets. Go ahead and innovate your wallet-carrying style with The Curve. Maybe you'll even thwart pickpockets - and what's cooler than that?

Men and women alike can rock Big Skinny's Executive Checkbook Bifold Wallet with Zippered Pocket. Available in a staggering number of colors and designs, this is a sleek and fashionable wallet with so many options consumers can really identify which one speaks to them and their own brand of cool. Also featuring Big Skinny's patented divide-and-conquer design for cards, this is an extremely functional wallet as well that remains flat, flat, flat despite the practically obscene number of cards you can stuff into it. Consumers don't want bulges at their waistlines and shouldn't settle for it in their pockets or purses either. That's always been Big Skinny's philosophy.

And women looking to add some glam to their profile will find a number of fine thin wallets from Big Skinny in metallic leather. In other words, these super-cool styles are basically the Beyonce of wallets. Big Skinny offers bronze, silver, blue and burgundy metallic options in a range of wallet styles, allowing consumers to choose the sparkle and shine that best defines cool to them.

Big Skinny's ultra-thin wallets help free up room in your handbag, which only seem to get bigger as you get older and yet somehow they're still never big enough for everything you need to carry. Plus, eliminating some wallet weight can also help avoid back, shoulder and neck problems later as a result of hauling around ridiculous purses for years.

Another great Big Skinny feature is internal rubber backing, which literally holds in your credit, debit and loyalty cards and hugs them tight, helping you maintain your cool should you drop your bag or fall. With a Big Skinny wallet, you won't be scrambling to pick up all of your cards along with your dignity. Instead, you can brush it off with a suave, "I meant to do that," and quickly move on with your wallet intact.

Another way Big Skinny keeps an eye out for its customers: These wallets are also water-resistant, so tragedy won't strike even if you forget to take your wallet out of your pants before putting them in the washing machine or if, say, you want to make sure you have enough money on hand for plenty of drinks at a swim-up bar and/or to tip the cabana boy.

Unlike the premise of countless romantic comedies with the ugly duckling plot, Big Skinny wallets certainly won't make you cool overnight in and of themselves. But, at the very least, a super-thin wallet with awesome designs and features will get you some cool points. And we could all use some of those at one time or another.

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