Coin Wallets

Smart Materials and Fabrics

Our change wallets are typically constructed from nylon microfiber and top-gain cowhide. Nylon microfiber is a fantastic, paper thin material that offers a very high denier count. It is durable and water resistant, so all of our 100% nylon change wallets are actually washing machine safe! Some of our coin holding wallets are hybrid models, meaning they have both nylon microfiber and top grain cowhide leather. To ensure the profile remains as thin as possible, we use nylon microfiber to construct the inside pockets and the cowhide to create the stylish outer shell.

Plenty of Styles to Choose From

We've tacked change pockets onto all of our most popular wallet designs. Cellphones cases, zippered wallets, checkbook wallets, mini trifolds, bifolds and credit cards can all now be purchased in a change wallet model!

Storage Pockets and Special Features

All of our change wallets have zippered pockets for storing coins. On some wallets this pocket is gusseted to allow easier access to the inside of the pockets. There's nothing quite as frustrating as trying to dig out that evasive penny in the bottom corner of the pocket. We've added the gusset feature to many of our change wallets that also have card pockets.

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