Clutch Bags

Fit everything you need for a fun night out on the town or a routine trip to the office with one of these attractive clutch bags featured by Big Skinny. Forget hassling with big bulky purses or bags and stop creating undesirable back aches. Carry around one of these lightweight clutches to fulfill all your needs. Fit your cash, multiple credit cards, check book, camera, keys, lipstick, hair accessories and business cards all in one convenient organized bag. Surprise yourself with exceptional organizational skills and amaze those around you as they marvel at your ingenuity. If you're looking for a lightweight alternative to big, bulky bags and purses, then a clutch might be just the thing you need. Though it looks small on the outside, the inside has pockets and slots designed to maximize its carrying capacity. These clutches are a modern masterpiece designed with efficiency in mind.


  • 2 general checkbook/billfold areas
  • 2 extra large storage areas
  • 6 extra wide pockets for credit cards
  • 2 extra large clear ID pockets
  • Large zippered coin pocket on interior
  • Zippered perimeter