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Business Card Wallets

Card Holder
60 Reviews
Purple CHPUR1250Brown CHBRN1250Black CHIIDBLKOcean Blue CHIIOB
Card Case
92 Reviews
Ocean Blue CCOCNBLUEPurple CCPUR850Graphite Gray CCGRAPHITE (-7.95)Tuxedo Black CCBLK850Brown CCBRN850 (-7.95)

Smart Materials and Fabrics

Your business cards are part of your business' earning potential, so you don't want them damaged or creased. We've opted to craft our card holders out of nylon microfiber, the water-resistant wonder fabric that Big Skinny is best known for. Our card holders are thin, protective and durable. Your cards are safe in our expertly designed wallets.

Plenty of Styles to Choose From

Handing out business cards and collecting business cards is a fundamental part of networking. You could even say its polite business etiquette. When you reach for your cards, you want to make the best impression, so don't settle for a dingy, outdated card holder! Big Skinny's Thin Business Card Holder styles are modern, fresh and professional-looking. You can even pick the color of your card wallet base around the kind of visual impact you want to make. We have colors and styles suitable for all types of personalities.

Storage Pockets and Special Features

Our card holders consist of a bifold design that has two extra-wide card pockets. And when we say "extra-wide" we mean it. All said and done, you'll be able to fit about 25 full-size plastic cards in these wallets.

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