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Boating Wallets

Super Stretch [Super Skinny] Bifold
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RFID Blocking Curve Bifold [Nylon]
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Compact Sports Wallet
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Even if you've never captained a boat, there's a boating wallet for you. Designs with fish, abstract sea landscapes and buoys are all great choices, allowing you to express your love of the water even if you can't be called a captain. Nautical themed clothing and accessories are always popular in the summer months and a nautical wallet is the perfect accessory for fun under the sun. Unlike other nautical items, wallets are discreet and allow you to add a small pop of excitement to your outfit without going overboard with the sea theme. Themed wallets can even be used in professional environments, so you don't have to abandon your personality and interests when you step into the office.

If your love of boating has more to do with extreme water sports than casual sailing, a waterproof wallet is a must-have. Special waterproof materials such as treated nylon can make your waterproof dream a reality. These alternative materials resist moisture and help protect the contents inside without being damaged by salt or water. As a bonus, nylon wallets are also lightweight and slimmer than other wallets. Nylon sporting wallets often use a closing mechanism such as Velcro or a zipper to ensure the wallet doesn't open. For more vigorous water sports or for added protection, add a waterproof bag to go with the water-resistant wallet to ensure your credit cards, ID, money and other essentials stay safe and dry.

Regardless of how you enjoy your time in the water, you'll want to find a wallet that fits your lifestyle and your pocket or purse. Ultra slim wallets like the type from BigSkinny.net can help you keep all of your credit cards, ID cards, cash and personal items dry and organized while you're out enjoying the water. As a bonus, lightweight and slim nylon wallets also dry faster than traditional leather wallets, so if it does get wet, it won't put a damper on your day. Nylon wallets are easy to clean - wiping sand away after a day at the beach is a breeze.

While choosing a boating wallet style is important, it shouldn't be your only consideration. Look at your current wallet and decide how many credit card slots and ID windows you'll need. Take a look at other items you carry such as coins, pictures and loyalty cards to get an idea of how much added storage space you'll need. Since you probably won't change your wallet on a daily basis, choosing one that works for all of your needs should be your first priority. Fortunately, boating wallets come in all shapes and sizes, so finding an option that matches your style and your needs will be stress-free.

While it's easy to be blinded by the style and appeal of a well-made wallet, always think in terms of how you use your wallet when making your choice. Adding a stylish and functional boating wallet to your wardrobe is the perfect way to set sail on a fashion or real-life adventure. Pick up a lightweight model that repels water, has plenty of space for cards and highlights your interests today.

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