Product Videos for Big Skinny Wallets

High-Tech Materials

At Big Skinny, we're in the business of making super skinny wallets. It's what makes us tick, and we can happily say we've met that high standard thanks to the high-tech materials we use to make our wallets. Nylon micro fiber is the paper thin, yet extremely durable fabric, that gives all of our wallets the super slim look and compact shape our customers love. No matter the shape, color or size, this fabric can be adapted to fit everyone's tastes. The best part? Nylon micro fiber is machine-washable so you can chuck your Big Skinny wallet in with the rest of the load on laundry day to clean it.

Quality Construction

There are a few little tactics we use to ensure our wallets are constructed with quality and durability as a top priority. Let's start with the stitching. The seams of every wallet are glued, folded and stitched all the way around. This technique stops fraying and tearing. Our snap closures are magnetic and incredibly sturdy. They're so reliable that we use them in place of metal clips. The other type of closure we use is a high-quality zipper closure that is strong enough to seal wallets and coin pockets firmly shut.