Big Skinny Wallets at JCPenney

Everyone knows that Big Skinny wallets are the best option if you are looking for a quality wallet that is sturdy, stylish and thin. You may be so eager to get your hands on this wallet that you cannot wait for it to be mailed to your house. Fortunately, you do not have to stand impatiently by your mailbox waiting for your new Big Skinny wallet to arrive, you can simply make a trip to JCPenney and purchase your new wallet. Several styles of Big Skinny wallets are available in the store giving you options when deciding on your next wallet. In addition to great prices, viewing these wallets in the store allows you to touch the wallet and see all of the great benefits of these wallets in person. Sure, we say Big Skinny wallets are five to six times thinner and lighter than other wallets, but you cannot get an appreciation of this fact when researching wallets online. In the store, you can pick up our wallet, feel the light nylon or high quality leather wallet and most importantly, compare its size to other wallets that are available in the store. It is not uncommon to shop for items, shoes for example, and wear the new item out of the store while carrying your old item. This will undoubtedly be the case after buying a Big Skinny wallet. You will be amazed to see the large quantity of cards that will fit in the wallet and you will certainly feel the difference after placing this wallet in your back pocket. Your posture will improve and your gait will be lighter because you will no longer need to carry an old bulky wallet in your back pocket. If you are not familiar with Big Skinny wallets or have a hard time believing that these wallets are thinner and lighter than the competition while allowing you to carry the same amount of credit cards, if not more, than you could with your old wallet, you will be in for a pleasant surprise. Visit JCPenney and buy your new Big Skinny wallet today.