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Best Wallets for Construction Workers

Leather Key Case
4 Reviews
Lynx Zippered Wallet
116 Reviews
tuxedo black LYXBK26electric purple LYNXPURocean blue LYNXOBLU
Taxicat Bi-Fold Wallet
566 Reviews
Electric Purple TAXPUR25Tuxedo Black TAXBK25Verdant Green TAXGREENFloraBerry TAXFLORASmokey Teal TAXTEA25Fuchsia Pink TAXFU25Graphite Cobble TAXCOBBLEPlum Dot TAXPLUDOTOcean Blue TXIOCBLUECoral TAXCORALLemonFlower TAXLEMFLKey Lime TAXKEYLIDotty TAXDOTTYTAXLSRED Lipstick RedSangria Red TAXSANGRIAEvergreen Plaid TAXEGREENPurple Poppy TAXPPOPPYInk Dot TAXINKDOT
Leather Key Case: Site managers in particular will find key cases useful. They have a built-in hook system that helps keeps keys organized and ready to use. They also have slots for storing bills and ID. Key cases are available in nylon micro-fiber or leather. Both versions have a minimalist, professional-looking exterior.

Magnetic Cash Holder: Eating out, grabbing coffee and paying for parking are all a part of the job for construction workers that move from site to site. Having bills on hand is a common habit, and so is crumpling them up and stuffing them into pockets. A magnetic money clip is a simple and effective way to keep loose bills safely organized and easy to access.

Zippered Lynx Wallet: This one is a favorite among construction workers because of how versatile it is. Store bills, coins, cards and keys all in the gusseted pockets of this wallet. The closure is zippered so everything that goes in, stays in. Smaller pockets on the outside are also included for extra quick storage.

 Taxicat Bifold: Get the same feeling of carrying a traditional bifold with the added security of a clasp closure. This wallet has everything the bifold wallet offers including a billfold pocket, credit card pockets and ID pockets. A snap closure at the front keeps the bifold firmly shut. The Taxicat wallet also has a curved edge to make it more comfortable to carry in front and back pockets.

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