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Best Money Clips for Men

Magnetic Cash Clip
7 Reviews
Tuxedo Black MGCCBK3
Leather Magnetic Cash Clip
15 Reviews
Tuxedo Black LMGCBK3
Money Clip Wallet with Magnet
New Arrival or Best Seller
141 Reviews
tuxedo black MCBK2050chocolate brown MCBR2050Charcoal MCCHAR
Magnetic Cash Clip: Unlike metal clips, a magnetic clips has strength and durability. Have it hold 20 folded bills or a combination of bills and plastic cards. The magnets in this clip are strong enough to handle a hefty amount.

Put fears about bulkiness and excessive weight to rest. This clip is lightweight and super thin because of the high-tech nylon micro-fiber material that's used to make it. Nylon micro-fiber is extremely durable, but also paper thin, so the only source of any bulk in this clip is the amount of cash you choose to carry.

For something a little more stylish and elegant, look to the leather version of this product, the Leather Magnetic Cash Holder. It offers the same features as the fabric clip, but it has a leather exterior cut from top grain cowhide leather.

Money Clip Wallet: We might call this money clip a wallet but in truth it's really a combination of a money clip and a card case. If you prefer to keep your cards separated from your cash but still need them both to be accessible at the same time, the money clip wallet is an excellent pick. On one side an ID pocket and a few credit card pockets offer storage spaces for transit passes, work IDs, a driver's license, bank cards and whatever else you need. Store up to 12 plastic cards in these pockets and you won't miss having a traditional wallet at all. On the reverse side of this combo wallet is a magnetic money clip that uses the same technology as the standalone product. Again, the magnets are strong enough to hold up to 20 folded bills.

As with the Magnetic Money Clip, the Money Clip Wallet also comes in two versions: the nylon and the leather. The leather has an exterior made of top grain cowhide leather and an interior made of nylon micro-fiber, while the fabric version is made completely of the nylon material.

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