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Badge Wallets

Badge Bifold Wallet
9 Reviews
$32.00  $10.00
Tuxedo Black BGBK3
Leather Badge Holder
8 Reviews
Tuxedo Black
It secures your stuff. Your badge is easy to reach and remove, but it's also secured to a rubbery backing that stops it from sliding around. The extra wide pockets inside your wallet also are extra-wide with that same rubbery backing. This pocket construction better secures your cash and plastic cards. The wide size makes it easier to remove the plastic cards and stuff more into each pocket.

It looks more professional. That professional uniform that comes with your badge looks a lot better without the bulges from badge holders and old-fashioned wallets that look like bricks in your pocket. The sleek design of our badge wallet gets rid of the brick. Plus, if you drop your Big Skinny nylon microfiber badge wallet into a puddle, just machine wash and air dry.

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