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Acrobat Money Clip Wallet Video Guide

Money Clips Are a Minimalist's Best Friend

All of our wallets are skinny, but the Acrobat Money Clip Wallet might be the skinniest of all. With the additional of a money that runs down the spine of this bifold wallet, we've bypassed the need for a billfolds pocket. Simply secure your paper money into the clip and lie them flat across the interior surface of your wallet.

On either side of the money there are six card pockets and an ID pocket window. Each of the card pockets can carry around three to five cards, bringing the full card carrying capacity of this wallet to around 18-25 plastic cards.

Space Saving Technology

The Acrobat Money Clip Wallet comes in two basic designs: the nylon micro fiber wallet and the hybrid wallet. The nylon micro fiber wallet is crafted entirely from our super thin and extremely durable nylon micro fiber material. The hybrid wallet also has this fabric but only in the interior pockets and ID holder area. The exterior of the hybrid wallet is made of top-grain cowhide leather. Both wallets offer a thin, super sleek profile that won't bulge or protrude in front or back pockets.

By using nylon micro fiber and swapping out a billfolds pocket for a money clip, these wallets are 50% thinner than your standard leather wallet. Just look at the comparison of our wallet filled with cards versus an empty regular leather wallet - even filled with cards, our wallet is still much thinner.

Care Instructions

This wallet is made from extremely durable material that is tear-proof and water-resistant. Remove the money clip before throwing it into the washing machine to clean.

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