2014 Wallet Trends

Just like your car keys and your sunglasses, your wallet is an everyday essential that you need to have with you at all times. The fact that your wallet is a necessity doesn’t mean that it should be boring, however, and there are actually quite a few fun ways to spice up your wallet and tailor it to your unique needs. Big Skinny is known for carrying slim, space-saving wallets that slide conveniently into any pocket, purse or other type of bag, and we’re constantly updating our ever-changing selection. The latest wallet trends for 2014 are innovative, fun and impeccably stylish.

For the ladies, retro wallet styles are back on the scene for 2014. These longer wallets are reminiscent of the pocketbooks that stylish women carried in years gone by, but they feature updated materials, shapes and technologies that save on space and keep you perfectly on trend with the newest trends. Envelope wallets in bold shades of bright pink, basic black or soft teal are the perfect accessories to toss into a handbag or briefcase, and they enable you to lay your domestic or foreign cash flat across the billfold pocket without it becoming crumbled or disorganized. Big Skinny carries the new Slimvelope Tri-Fold Checkbook wallet in our signature nylon microfiber material that makes it significantly thinner than traditional wallet styles, but with the same vintage-inspired envelope shape. This convenient women’s wallet is even large enough to accommodate a checkbook so that you can pay your rent or cash a check with the utmost ease.

The latest men’s styles for 2014 are equally as retro, including dapper cash clips that tuck snugly inside of a breast pocket or briefcase. These incredibly small accessories are much less bulky than a traditional wallet, and they feature magnetic clips that clamp around up to 20 paper bills to keep them from floating around your pocket in disarray. Big Skinny’s Leather Magnetic Cash Clip is made of a hybrid of top-grain cowhide and nylon microfiber that promises unsurpassed durability and the thinnest shape, and it won’t damage the pocket of your pants like many traditional metal money clips.

If you prefer a wallet with more modern amenities, the cell phone wallet will also be a popular trend in 2014. This multipurpose wallet style features spacious pockets for your credit cards, cash and change, as well as a slide pocket that can fit just about any type of smartphone. Cell phone wallets are one of the best ways to keep all of your belongings organized and to cut down on the number of items that you carry with you each day. These space-saving wallets come in neutral styles that are perfect for either men or women, and many of them can even accommodate your cell phone’s protective cover as well.