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Thin SPORT Wallet Video Guide

It is available in two styles: the fabric version and the leather version. The fabric version is made entirely out of the super thin nylon micro fiber material, while the leather version has a top-grain cowhide leather exterior with a nylon micro fiber interior. We use nylon micro fiber on interior of the leather version because it helps create a more compact wallet. Nylon micro fiber is a material we love using not only for its thinness but also for its durability and water-resistance.

This compact wallet has fewer pockets than our regular models, but it still has enough pocket space to carry up to 20 plastic cards, which is more than what the average person carries day-to-day. This wallet has one extra-wide card pocket, two extra-large hidden pockets, and one extra-wide ID pocket with a clear plastic window.

We've shortened the billfolds area to as way to get rid of extra fabric and make this wallet more compact. It is still large enough to comfortably hold standard paper money and receipts.

All of the pockets, including the billfolds pocket, are lined with a rubbery coating that help prevent your valuables from falling out of the wallet. In our video demonstration you'll see everything in the wallet stays securely in place even when it's turned upside down and shaken out.

This wallet is 4 1/2 inches wide and 3 1/16 inches tall. Available colors include black, brown and navy blue. The fabric version of this wallet is washing machine-safe and should be air dried for about 20 minutes after washing.

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