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MyPhone Cellphone Wallet Video Guide

A Unique Design

In the interior there are four stacked card slots that are each able to hold about three plastic cards. Arranged vertically are three hidden pockets that are deep enough to hold five plastic cards each. There is also a highly visible clear plastic pocket ideal for keeping photo ID or personal identification like access cards. This pocket has a plastic window that is framed in nylon micro fiber to ensure its sturdiness. The window has a thumbhole opening so you can easily slide out your ID if you need to. Around 20 plastic cards will easily fit in this wallet.

For storing cash and receipts we've added a billfolds pocket that runs along the back of the wallet. We've made it wide enough and long enough to accommodate international currencies. All of the pockets have a rubbery coating, so regardless of the type of currency you carry (paper or plastic) your cards and money won't fall out.

On the exterior we have a zippered coin pocket on the front and a cellphone carrier on the back. The cellphone pocket has an elastic strap that wraps around the top of your phone, so it stays firmly in place. The cellphone pocket is large enough to fit most popular phones models including smartphones. Keeping the strap in place is a reliable magnetic snap.

Care and Cleaning

This wallet is made using our patented nylon micro fiber material that is water-resistant and extremely durable. When you're ready to clean out this wallet, simply put it in the washing-machine. Allow it to air dry.

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