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Best Wallets to Avoid Pickpockets

Panther Clutch
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Leather Motorcycle Wallet w/chain
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Tuxedo Black MOTBK33
There are a few different ways to keep pickpockets at bay, but one of the most effective ways is to invest in a secure wallet. Here are a few you should consider:

Cheshire Convertible Cross Body Bag: Many people who are travelling choose to wear cross body bags to help keep their valuable in front of them, and out of the reach of pickpockets. Our Cheshire Convertible Bag provides added security as it can be worn cross body to tuck under your arm, can be worn even under a jacket or attached through a belt.

Zippered Bag With Wristlet: Keeping an eye on your wallet is easier when you can always see it. For occasions that call for a clutch or a smaller purse, use a wallet with a wristlet that will fit snugly around you wrist. Choose a zippered model for even more security.

Curved Bi-Fold: Many people choose to carry their wallets in their back pockets, but this is an open invitation for thieves. Instead keep your wallet where you are more likely to see or feel it being removed like your front pocket. Of course, you'll also want to make sure it isn't visible from the outside in the smaller front pocket, so choose a curved bi-fold wallet that will ensure an invisible profile thanks to the curved front edge.

Chained Wallets: When you have no choice but to carry your wallet in a purse or shoulder bag, use a wallet with a chain that you can attach to the inside of your purse. The chain will slow a thief down considerably in the struggle.

RFID Wallets: Protect yourself from digital pickpockets and data thieves who can steal your identity and credit card information without ever laying a finger on your wallet with RFID blocking wallets. RFID linings will block suspicious radio waves attempting to access your information.

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