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Leather Hybrid L-Shape Wallet
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PLEASE NOTE: this item no longer comes with a plastic key holder.
The “L” shaped trifold or is it technically a bifold? Only the real trifold aficionados know for sure. We do know that it features the Best of Both Worlds: super-thin top-grain leather on the outside and ultra-thin nylon microfiber on the inside. Our “L” is much much lighter than the full leather version of this timeless design (3-4 times lighter and thinner). Not more really needs to be said about this timeless design but of course, we are so excited that we will. It offers space and many card slots, and features the quick flip flap for access to those cards needed all the time. This thin wallet offers more convenience and style for those rebels who want a different thin tri-fold wallet. Two ID windows come standard because sometimes you’re pretty important and we just can’t see enough of you. Okay, enough said, we’ll stop here on this one. Holds 25-30 credit cards and lots of cash. $27.95

* full-size extra-tall billfold area
* 5 extra-wide credit card pockets
* 2 extra-wide clear ID/credit card pocket
* 2 oversized hidden storage pockets

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Leather Hybrid L-Shape Wallet
4.5 Stars based on 129 Review(s)
R. Pino
5 Stars

Leather L-Shape Wallet
December 27, 2014
My husband's old wallet was worn out and too bulky. I told him about the BigSkinny wallets and how much thinner they are because I had purchased one for my dad a couple of years ago. My husband wanted to try one, so I got him one for Christmas. He really likes it. Even with everything in it, it is still much thinner than his old wallet.

Donn Malwick
5 Stars

L shape leather bi-fold
December 3, 2014
great thin big wallet

F. López
3 Stars

Not quite satisfied
October 25, 2014
Just received my L shape leather wallet. Build quality is OK, but nothing to write home about, specially on the inside. My biggest problem with it is that the banknote area is small for europe, besides, the cloth separator is continuously messing when you try to put your cash in; It's too thin and not useful at all. Some of the card pockets are too deep and you don't see which car is in it.

Ray W
3 Stars

Your results may differ
October 13, 2014
I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but when I put 16 cards and cash in my leather hybrid wallet, it looks about twice as thick as the one in your video. Doesn't seem any different from a normal wallet to me... Bought this after doing a case study on Big Skinny with my media/marketing students, am disappointed in the results. Happy to be proved wrong if I'm putting them in the wrong way!

Heyward Watson
5 Stars

Leather Hybrid L-Shape Wallet
October 1, 2014
This my third Leather Hybrid L-Shape Wallet purchase. I two L-Shape Wallets three years ago for myself and my son. My son and I both Love these wallets, because they store money and many plastic cards and remain thin.

5 Stars

Love it!
July 29, 2014
I have been searching for a great, thin wallet for a while and on a whim, did a search and based on reviews, I ordered this wallet. I could not be happier! It is amazingly thin, well made, and it holds everything my old wallet did, but it does it in an awesome way! I am one very happy customer!

4 Stars

Performs as advertised
July 21, 2014
It is well made and skinnier than previous wallets. I would buy another one if I needed one.

5 Stars

L-Shaped Leather Hybrid
July 15, 2014
I was so tired to looking for a thin quality wallet that didn't leave a "bulge" in in my back pocket. I mentioned the problem to a friend and he showed me his Hybrid L shaped and I ordered one the next day. I love it an show to all my friends. Finally a high quality slim wallet. The only problem is that I keep feeling my back pocket to make sure it is still there. Outstanding product!!!

David Waterhouse
5 Stars

June 18, 2014
Awesome! Just awesome! Beautifully handcrafted. Soft, sleek, light. Finally a wallet that stays closed. Kudos to your amazing company!

Syed MK
5 Stars

Is it in my pocket?
May 8, 2014
My old wallet was just too thick that I just can't miss the fact that it is there. It is also L shaped wallet but all leather, Italian made. But really, even if it is all empty, it is just thick... now, I bought the same design of BigSkinny.. but oh my.. the first few days I literally have to touch my pocket just to make sure "it is there"... at times I'll go oh no where's my wallet, look on the table, it is not there.." then when I touch my pocket I go "Oh, pheeewwww~!"

5 Stars

So skinny
May 7, 2014
I love this wallet and my butt does not get numb from having all the card in my wallet. I do not know how that got the wallet skinny but I love it.

5 Stars

So Skinny
March 27, 2014
My husband's old wallet kept wearing holes in his work slacks, so I bought him a Big Skinny after my parents told me about them - no more wear marks on his slacks! Great wallet, fits everything he needs and more without getting bulky.

5 Stars

L-Shaped Leather Hybrid
March 5, 2014
Love this wallet. Great quality, very comfortable & stylish. Quick shipping for small extra amount- definitely worth it. Highly recommend!

5 Stars

Love this wallet!
February 28, 2014
My first Big Skinny wallet was the Leather Hybrid Bi-Fold. I couldn't believe all of my stuff fit into it and it was only half as thick. Since then the number of credit cards, IDs, etc. have increased (as well as my age). The Leather Hybrid L-Shape Wallet handled the expansion (and organization) of all my current stuff with ease. While it is a little thicker than my original Big Skinny wallet it's still thinner than one of my old conventional wallets.

5 Stars

Great Product
February 7, 2014
Incredible quality and smart design for its value price. Wish it came with a small insert for added photocards, etc., but it does exactly what it claims with perfect functionality. Love it!

5 Stars

Love it
January 30, 2014
My husband loves this wallet. It is so slim that he sometimes has to check that it is still in his back pocket. So much more comfortable for him to sit on than his last leather bifold.

Júlio André
5 Stars

Leather Hybrid L-Shape Wallet
January 30, 2014
Estou muito satisfeito com minha carteira. Ela é realmente incrível. Já estou planejando de outro, agora uma um pouco menor. Obrigado.

5 Stars

review this wallet
January 25, 2014
I bought this for my husband. He loved it. So skinny, yet holds a lot. He has bad back so if his wallet is in his back pocket his is uncomfortable all day, not with this one. Also he caneven put it in his front pocket with out a wierd bulge.

4 Stars

Skinny on the Leather Hybrid L-Shape
January 17, 2014
I am very happy with this wallet so far. It is wicked light, and wicked skinny.

5 Stars

January 10, 2014

Thomas Mehaffey
4 Stars

Great wallet, terrible shipping
January 9, 2014
Great wallet, love everything about it. When I changed everything over from the old wallet and into this one, it was still thinner than the old empty wallet. My first from Big Skinny, so we'll see about durability. Should be ok since I hardly put in my back pocket.

Donna Land
5 Stars

Dad just loves his new wallet
January 7, 2014
High Quality leather, great design. Bought it as a present for my Dad and he just loves it. The wallet with all his stuff in it is a quarter of the thickness of his old leather wallet. He could not believe how much the wallet held and was still comfortable in his pocket

Gordon Schafer
5 Stars

Leather L-shape Wallet
January 3, 2014
I bought one for myself 2 years ago and I love it. My husband has wanted on ever since so I ordered one and he loves it. It's really nice and less bulky that regular wallets. I will be buying more.

5 Stars

Leather L shape hybred
December 7, 2013
Wasn't to sure if it was possible to be any thinner and still be as of good of quality as my old leather byfold but you surprised me. Nice job, I think this one is a real keeper. If it ever wears out I'll be buy another one.

3 Stars

great wallet!! worst shipping ever!!!!!
December 2, 2013
so I've had the wallet for a few days now and I can say its a really good wallet, nice and thin, holds all my cards and money really well. I like how its super thin. quality is really good. However, I ordered it Nov 4th and didn't receive the wallet till nov 28!!!!!! confirmation E-mail said 5-10 business days. the worst shipping experience ever. only gave it 3 stars due to the shipping.

Shireen Schwartz
5 Stars

Leather Hybrid L Shape Wallet
November 21, 2013
This wallet was a replacement for one that was stolen. I hope whoever stole it is enjoying it as much as my son did. My son really likes it and asked for the same wallet when his was stolen.

5 Stars

Leather Hybrid L shape wallet
November 21, 2013
I bought this for my son. He really likes it compared to his old fat wallet. It was stolen and we had to replace it a month later. He asked for the same one. It fits his ID card, ATM card, CC, DL, and other cards with room to spare.

4 Stars

Almost .....
October 6, 2013
I bought a standard BS BiFold this past summer to carry minimum around on vacation. Excellent 2nd wallet for vacation, etc. but just wasn't big enough for daily use. So I bought the leather L-Shape for everyday use, expecting the same excellent grip pockets and quality and liking the extra Photo ID pockets. This is a perfect size for my pocket, holds all my items perfectly and stays pretty thin ... BUT ... The ID windows are a bit smaller (shorter) than on the standard bifold. I find I still have to pull my License or ID out since the signature and license # are not visible in these windows, as they were clearly visible in the bifold. All in all, excellent wallet, I have been using it daily for last couple weeks and will continue to use it until it needs replacement. The leather feel is much nicer than the standard, not as slippery and well worth the extra price.

5 Stars

September 25, 2013
My husband never kept his wallet in his pocket because it was too thick. I bought him this for Christmas and he LOVES it!!

5 Stars

Nice wallet
September 19, 2013
Nice, stylish and light wallet. Thank you.

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