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Metro Bifold Wallet
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PLEASE NOTE: this item no longer comes with a plastic key holder.
Double clear-ID pockets and parallel card storage pockets behind--perfectly compact for the city dweller with multiple id and transportation cards. And a billfold area that many use as more card storage. You can't ask for a thinner metro bi-fold wallet or we would have to make it out of paper. Easy to open and flash that ID badge or pull out the metro card because let's face it, we're running late. This metro bi-fold wallet holds about 18-20 thick plastic cards and cash, very compactly.

  • 2 extra-wide interior clear ID pockets
  • 2 extra-wide credit card storage pockets
  • dimensions: 3" wide x 4 1/16" tall (9 cm x 10.3 cm)
  • only ⅛" (4 mm) thin when closed!

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Metro Bifold Wallet
4.5 Stars based on 57 Review(s)
5 Stars

Traditional wallet alternative
October 20, 2014
This wallet is an excellent alternative to the traditional thick, leather wallet. Very thin and comfortable to sit on if you carry it in you back pocket. Getting dollar bills into the bill area is a little hard to do until you learn the trick (Don't open the wallet all of the way and it is easier to insert cash.) I would recommend this wallet to anyone looking for a replacement for the leather wallet.

5 Stars

Big Skinny Metro Bi-fold
July 30, 2014
Nice thin wallet..hardly know it's there. However, I agree with other reviewers in that it can be difficult to get dollar bills in the wallet. The area needs to be bigger!!

5 Stars

May 12, 2014

5 Stars

April 9, 2014
I bought this wallet for my husband. He has tried about every wallet out there and gets annoyed at the bulkiness of those wallets. I bought him this wallet and he loves it! He says it's light but fits all of his cards. The material is great and it's indestructible. We will definitely buy the next wallet from this company!

5 Stars

metro wallet
March 27, 2014
I bought a few wallets from here and this is the best one to buy!

Geoff Bartol
4 Stars

Metro BiFold
February 10, 2014
Love it and would give 5 stars if it came in a more vivid color. I have other wallets in Green and Red and need to have a bright color so i don't leave it somewhere. Would buy again in Red or Green.

5 Stars

Fantastic Metro Wallet
December 17, 2013
I love the slimness of this wallet. I can get my bills in easily because I figured out the secret - don't keep the wallet completely open and insert them. I ordered a second one because I outgrew the first one - no problem. I carry the second one in the car when I need museum or other membership cards! Love, love, love it!

5 Stars

Metro Bifold Wallet
October 14, 2013
Very impressed, my 4th purchase from BigSkinny. I've bought a purse for my mother, a wallet and a backup wallet all in the last couple of years. The difference in the amount I can fit into my new wallet compared to my old one is staggering! I have to keep checking that its still in my pocket, it has made it much easier to carry everything I need without feeling like I'm about to keel over onto my side! Excellent product, definitely recommended, especially for foreign currency (I use Euros).

5 Stars

very good
May 24, 2013
Nice and compact

3 Stars

Difficult to insert bills
April 22, 2013
Nice wallet, very thin as advertised. However it is very difficult to get bill, checks, etc into the bill sections. The wallet is not long enough. Wish I had gotten the trifold instead.

5 Stars

Nice Slim wallet
April 19, 2013
I carry a boatload of cards and this thing handles it like a champ. Also I like the deeper billfolds as I can put checks that need to be deposited in there and they don't get damaged like my last wallet. Great Job Guys!

3 Stars

April 6, 2013
Wallet is decent quality for the money. Shipped reasonably fast. It is a large but light wallet. The Big Skinny logo in white was a bit much for me so I toned it down with a black Sharpie.

Jennifer G.
4 Stars

Almost Perfect
January 30, 2013
I have been using the Metro Bifold Wallet for about 2 weeks and I love it! I don't usually carry a purse, but have loads of cards an other junk that I like to have with me and this wallet fots everything. I do wish it was just a little less wide so that it more easily fit into the front pocket of my jeans, but otherwise i have no complaints.

Norm S
3 Stars

Metro Bi Fold
January 29, 2013
Overall very good quality. Pricing is good. Delivery okay. However, the material that it is constructed is nylon and makes slippery and sometimes when I take it out of my back pocket I drop it.

Todd G
3 Stars

January 22, 2013
This is my second purchase from Big Skinny and just like they claim it is very thin and fits everything I had in a much smaller package. Also, it did fit about 10 U.S. bills without a problem. The reason I only gave it 3 stars was because I am not really a fan of the quality. After only a few days in my front pocket it already looks worn in the corners and bent out of shape. Every time I take a card out of one of the slots behind the ID window it pulls up a small flap(?). It does was it is supposed to do, but I think it kind of looks and feels cheap. I am going to go back to my Tumi ID card case and give the Metro to my son.

4 Stars

Skinny Wallet
January 13, 2013
I like the thinness of the wallet. I always purchased the thin type wallets since I was a teenager but this is the thinnest. The one problem is that I cannot view the cards I have in the wallet. I must go through each section of the wallet to locate my card. This is probably a small inconvenience or the design of the wallet. In my old wallet, not a Skinny Wallet, I can see my cards and the wallet is thin but not as thin as the Skinny Wallet. Regardless, I would recommend the Skinny Wallet.

5 Stars

October 27, 2012
This is my third Big Skinnny: Card holder, followed by New Yorker Card Holder, followed by the Metro Bifold.The New Yorker provided more card space, while the bifold gave a bit more security for carrying in my pocket, since all the cards can be on the inside. So thin that I hardly notice it. Love the dual/facing ID windows for ID and metro pass.

Mike Bingham
5 Stars

Metro Bi-fold Wallet
September 1, 2012
This is exactly what I was looking for. I carry around about 8 cards with me and this wallet is ideal for this number. It is also big enough to take Euro notes (bills) without the wallet's footprint being too big. I've only had it a couple of weeks but it seems well made and is performing well. The slightly rubbery texture on the inside of the pockets means that the cards don't fall out but it also means that the Euro notes don't slide in very easily. I'm very pleased with the wallet and can recommend it heartily. The only change I could recommend would be to leave the rubbery texture off the pocket for the notes.

john n
5 Stars

metro is great
August 24, 2012
I used to go thru a "sport" big skinny about every 6 months. I have a few cards and then my business card and some just over-stressed the original model, but i LOVED it's compact-ness.

Bryan Postelnek
4 Stars

Metro Bifold
August 6, 2012
Great skinny wallet! Bought this one because of the double windows. I often need to take out my student ID card and drivers license. Now it's convenient!

steve Bannister
5 Stars

Metro Bifold Wallet
May 19, 2012
I need to have my wallets thin for my comfort. I cannot any longer have wallets of 1" or better as they throw my hips off during long sitting and driving. It has a bad affect on my back. I have purchased additional of these billfolds for my wife to keep only her drivers license, Health card, One gas card and one additional emergency credit card. He has a purse, and I have my briefcase for the other things we normally find stuffed in our wallets without thinking.

3 Stars

The search continues
May 10, 2012
I had been using the card holder insert from some monster wallet as my full time wallet for quite some time and loved it. Two slots on each side when folded out and a single slot outside on one side. This has a bigger footprint, but more room and my wife says I should carry more nuisance cards in my wallet. The bigger slots do hold more, but the slots are not staggered. Everything in one slot stacks up exactly behind the other slot on that side. With multiple cards in a slot, only the front or back card can be accessed without removing the stack. when removing the stack, the sewn edge catches the cards. the edge is folded over and stitched close to the fold leaving a scoop to catch any card or paper edge. Stiff cards can over come the hold, but receipts have snagged and ripped trying to get them out. I don't even use the money slot since it is too deep for US bills. I fold them and tuck them behind my ID. I don't use and access cash much so not a huge problem for me. I would use the card case I bought at the same time, but it doesn't have the outside slot for receipts.

5 Stars

April 7, 2012
Excellent. Fits Canadian money no problem. Also, it arrived quickly - no 'brokerage fees' surprises or any other hassels. Also, thank you to Big Skinny for not charging ridiculous shipping rates to Canada. It is a great wallet, super thin and durable. Thank you!

3 Stars

Some Glaring Flaws
February 29, 2012
This wallet is very good. The material is great. I also own a All-Ett leather wallet and prefer this one, even though they are of comparable thicknesses. The All-Ett material is good on the outside (leather), but the inside crinkles like paper and has a very cheap feel. This wallet has a decent feel all-around.

5 Stars

My Metro
January 17, 2012
This product is exactly as stated. After 2 weeks the size ,design and quality have been even more comfortable than I really thought they'd be. No hype in the earlier posts for me.

5 Stars

Awesome wallet
January 4, 2012
I wanted a much thinner wallet, and one that had dual ID windows - one for my DL, one for my train pass. The metro was perfect! It fit both IDs clearly and has plenty of room for additional IDs, CC, etc.

Eric E.
5 Stars

Metro Bifold Wallet
August 16, 2011
Nice. Cut my wallet thickness to half, sometimes it feels like I forgot my wallet.

John Resta
4 Stars

Metro Bifold Wallet
August 14, 2011
Bought it in an attempt to simplify what I carry and use it as a front pocket wallet.

4 Stars

Metro Bifold Wallet
August 13, 2011
A really good wallet. I'm actually pretty impressed with it. Had no idea what to expect at first but it turned to be a great purchase. This thing is damn skinny it's insane! I've already received lots of compliments. Good job BigSkinny!

5 Stars

Metro Bifold Wallet
July 6, 2011
Loved it. Purchased it to use on a trip and it was perfect. Fit in my front and back pockets - depending on my pants and held everything I needed it to hold. Stayed skinny too.

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