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Thin World Bifold Wallet
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PLEASE NOTE: this item no longer comes with a plastic key holder.

London’s big size pound notes pay for breakfast at Brown’s…then a quick jaunt over to the continent paying for a late lunch at Les Ombres in Paris with those large euronotes…and then giving some of your spare old tall rupees to your lunch partner who is taking the late afternoon flight to New Delhi. All these bills and all world currencies fit nicely in this tall, thin bi-fold wallet without folding them over or down. And this thin b-fold wallet is almost a perfect 4” by 4” square, which of course, is very cool and something you’ll bring up when you are buying drinks later that evening with Madame Bovary at the Ritz who wants to know all about your Big Skinny bi-fold wallet…and why your wallet holds so much yet stays so thin and light…she doesn’t think she’s met another tall, dark, and handsome wallet like it anywhere else in the world…Holds up to 30-35 thick plastic cards plus your worldly cash. $24.95

  • full-size extra-tall billfold area
  • 6 extra-wide credit card pockets
  • 1 extra-wide clear ID/credit card pocket
  • 2 oversized hidden storage pockets
  • dimensions: 4¼" wide x 4" tall (10.8 cm x 10 cm)
  • only ⅛" (4 mm) thin when closed!

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World Bifold Wallet
5 Stars based on 92 Review(s)
Daniel M.
5 Stars

Nice wallet
February 5, 2015
I like this wallet, I don't use it as much as the other one I got @ the same time because its bigger, but I do use it to hold all of my rewards cards, so I don't have to carry them in the wallet in my pocket.

5 Stars

Very Nice
January 13, 2015
I got this for a friend and he loves it. Says it is much more comfortable to sit on than his old leather wallet. (i did recommend that he wear it in his front pocket but he didn't listen ;-) )

wayne bell
5 Stars

World Bifold Wallet
January 9, 2015
Wallet was everything I expected.

Randy T
5 Stars

Thin World Bifold
September 16, 2014
I've been using this wallet for about three weeks and really appreciate the thinness. It really is all the wallet I need. Similar in overall size and function to what it replaced, but with a lot less bulk. I would recommend it.

4 Stars

World Bifold Wallet
August 21, 2014
Love it. I really like having a thin wallet. I haven't' caught anything on my back pocket since I switched. This wallet full is still smaller than my old wallet was when empty.

5 Stars

Awwsome Products
July 20, 2014
Received my 2nd wallet a couple of weeks ago. I bought this one to replace the one I got a couple of years ago. Best wallet I've ever had! I will always be a Big Skinny customer!

5 Stars

My wallet for life...
July 2, 2014
I've had this wallet for two years now. It's been with me to China, South America, the Caribbean, and all over the United States. I routinely dine with affluent company and I've never gotten anything but a complement on my wallet - despite it being full nylon. In fact, they're amazed by it's functionality and I've turned a few friends onto it. I love this wallet. I wouldn't choose anything else.. even if it was free.

5 Stars

World Wallet
June 21, 2014
I bought this wallet for my husband shortly after buying the world wallet with zippered compartment for myself. We are both really happy with the wallets. I am trying to carry a smaller purse and the old wallet just didn't fit. This one slides in fine. My husband likes the wallet because it is slim and more comfortable in his pocket. They still hold just as much "stuff".

5 Stars

Big Skinny World Wallet
June 18, 2014
I just received my wallet a couple of days ago, so I cannot comment on durability yet. Despite that, it appears to be very well made and was super thin. I was very glad to see how thin it was. Once I got all my stuff in it I was thrilled by how thin it still was. I have been sitting on my bulky old bi-fold for waaaay too long and has been quite uncomfortable. I am wearing it and sitting in my office chair now and dont even feel it. That alone, is worth the money. This is now the only wallet I plan on ever using. I am totally sold! If you have a thick wallet, pitch it in the trash and get one of these. You will be glad you did.

Jeff Broughton
5 Stars

Big Skinny wallet
March 10, 2014
This is the second Big Skinny wallet I have had over the past 8 years. I love this brand and will never carry any other wallet. Being a firefighter, carrying a large wallet and trying to pull your gear up and over a large wallet gets to be a problem. With the Big Skinny I have no problem. Keep up the great products.

Michael Scott
4 Stars

World Bifold
February 24, 2014
I've only had it for a couple of weeks but it seems nice. It's a little taller than most wallets so it can be hard to get out of some pockets. Also, the cards tend to stick making them harder to remove.

5 Stars

world bifold wallet
February 9, 2014
Great! Less than half as thick as my old wallet. Will be back in x years for another!

Marc Okun
5 Stars

World Billfold Wallet
January 7, 2014
This wallet is the perfect size for multiple number of cards that I carry. The bill section is easy to access and get bills in or out.

4 Stars

World Bifold Wallet
January 6, 2014
I like the wallet. I would have liked it better if it had a separation in the currency area so you could keep two different types of currencies separate in there. (Even the key holder, which is no longer included, would have served the function.)

5 Stars

World Bifold Wallet
December 21, 2013
I've been using this wallet for about 1.5 years and love it. With the same amount of stuff in it, over a dozen cards, cash, and miscellany, it's about half the thickness of my old Coach leather one -- no butt lump when sitting or standing.

3 Stars

Why the rubber label?
December 16, 2013
I love how skinny these wallets are, but I hate the rubber brand label on the outside (the oval that says big skinny). I personally want a clean look that has no markings. More importantly this rubber oval makes the wallet thicker and it always gets stuck on the edges of my pockets (it pops out from the rest of the wallet so it gets caught on things). Would be a definite 5/5 if this ugly rubber mark that makes the wallet less functional did not exist.

Edward Meeks
5 Stars

Men's wallet
September 22, 2013
My wife purchased this wallet for me and I really unsure about it. I have used it for about two weeks and am really impressed with it. It held everything in my old wallet in such an impressible less space. I do have to keep feeling for it to make sure it is really there. Great product.

5 Stars

Great Wallet
August 2, 2013
I have used this wallet (and other models as well) for many years now. I won't even consider another wallet, as Big Skinny wallets satisfy every requirement. They hold up very well. I have even purchased them as Christmas gifts, and everyone who receives them always remarks how thin they are and how well they like them.

5 Stars

Wherer have you been for the past ten years!!!!
July 26, 2013
World Bifold Wallet- Best wallet ever!

5 Stars

World Wallet
June 20, 2013
I've loved my Big Skinnys for years, but the bigger British and Euro notes didn't fit. I now use this one for travelling. Tally ho! Au revoir!

4 Stars

Billfold Divider?
May 29, 2013
You said "By mid-2013 or earlier all World models will come with a full length billfold divider." Can you be more specific on dates?

3 Stars

World Bifold Wallet
May 14, 2013
I really like this wallet. I bought this back in Dec 2012 and have used it with normal daily use. Even with 30 cards, the wallet is still a third thinner than my regular wallet. It is thin as advertised. There are a few things to point out. My cards such as medical cards and other printed business cards tend to stick to the wallet therefore the ink on the cards stick to the wallet and vanishes from the card or dull out itself. Also, under normal use, the inner material in the bill fold is ripping apart. Keep in mind, I do not even throw this wallet around. It is cared like my other wallets but none of them had any tear isssue. It's only been 5mos and it looks like the wallet is already old. I did buy two of them so I can switch to a newer wallet. I don't like to do this as I like to keep my wallet for at least two years before getting a new one.

5 Stars

Nice wallet
April 22, 2013
Its a bit taller than my previous leather bifold but if significantly skinnier. I find that I have to double check by back pocket to see if the wallet is still in there because I can't feel it in comparison to what it used to be.

5 Stars

Big Skinny trifold
April 19, 2013
Great wallet. Bought it for my husband who always used a money clip and hated it. He loves this as it fits well in his pocket and isn't bulky.

5 Stars

World Bifold
March 7, 2013
Love it. Significantly thinner than the leather wallet I was using.

Stuart Lesser
5 Stars

World Bifold Wallet
February 6, 2013
I have to admit, that I was skeptical when I ordered this wallet. In theory it sounded good, but it was hard to visualize. Well, when I changed wallets, I laid my old empty wallet on the table next to my full Big Skinny wallet. Sure enough, the Big Skinny wallet was still thinner than my old empty wallet. Only time will tell as far a durability is concerned. But for now I am very happy and it is definitely easier to carry than my old wallet. I'm going to have my wife order one. Thank you.

5 Stars

World Bifold
January 31, 2013
Best wallet I ever owned. My butt would hurt so badly with lots of cards and a thick wallet until a good friend recommended this product. Now my butt smiles everyday when I put my wallet into my back pocket!!

5 Stars

January 17, 2013
Just like my old wallet but thinner. It is as advertised.

Donald Schuld
4 Stars

big skinny wallet
January 10, 2013
It seems to be pretty good but I've only had it a week.

5 Stars

Thin world bifold wallet
January 8, 2013
Bought this for my husband. He absolutely loves it....says that it doesn't cause his hip to hurt and I noticed that he doesn't remove his wallet anymore when we travel. Would highly recommend this wallet.

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