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Money Clip Wallet with Magnet

Money Clip Wallet with Magnet

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Now available by popular demand by the ultra-super -wallet minimalists living in our midst. Our magnetic money clip will keep your stash of $100s secure while the three card pockets [plus clear ID pocket] hold about 12 plastic cards. We worked hard to design a metal-free money clip so the pockets on your trousers won't tear and that keeps a slim profile unlike those metal money clip wallet versions. Strong magnetic clip can hold a lot, card pockets are extra-wide as usual so you can fit a decent amount but not too much (you want to keep you wallet minimalist status right?). Constructed from durable, ultra-thin, nylon micro-fiber.

  • magnetic money clip- holds at least 20 folded bills securely
  • 3 card pockets hold 3 thick plastic cards each
  • clear ID pocket with thumb hole holds an additional 3 plastic cards
  • dimensions: 418" wide x 3" tall (10.4 cm x 8 cm)
  • only 38" (4 mm) thin when empty!
The minimalist lifestyle is simple, streamlined and stress free. Extending the minimalist approach to your wallet can help you tone down the intensity of daily life. Our slim wallet money clip is the easy way to transform your wallet's organization into something that's manageable and stress-free. The design of the money clip attachment is specifically concerned with reducing the bulk and weight of your wallet. Eliminating the billfolds area is doing away with layers and layers of fabric. The sturdy money clip will be more than enough to satisfy those who rely more on credit cards and debit cards for big purchases, as many of us already do. With this in mind we've opted to keep the card pockets large and expansive so you can stock up on of your most important IDs and plastic cards.

Our slim wallet money clip is for the person on the go. The person who doesn't have time to flip through tiers and tiers of plastic cards. This person needs everything they could ever want right at their fingertips in two seconds flat. With the money clip wallet everything you're carrying is clearly visible so you can forget about wasting precious minutes digging through your bag and your pockets to get to what you need.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase! You may make an exchange or receive your money back [less shipping/tax] for your UNUSED item within 30 days of purchase. During the December holidays, we extend the return policy to 60 days, since we know many of these purchases are gifts. Just ship back to us with packing slip and instructions for exchange or refund.
Product Reviews
Money Clip Wallet with Magnet
5 Stars based on 84 Review(s)
juan m.
Brooklyn, ny
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

best investment ever!!!
February 2, 2016
excellent quality!! I'm putting together a small list so i can buy more!!
no cons!

Mike D
Sandown, NH
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

My Pocket - Organized
February 2, 2016
So far so good! I used to just carry my ID, a CC and cash in my pocket. My Money Clip Wallet from Big Skinny has enabled me to carry a couple more cards and keeps it all neat and organized. No more wondering where I left what and what card I have with me. It's really nice to just grab my "wallet" and go. Fits right in my front pocket. Of course it's a little 'bulkier' than just cash and a card or 2, but I hardly notice. Well worth it! Get one!

Kenneth Taylor
United States
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Another Great Product
December 27, 2015
I bought this to replace a metal money clip which I carried along with a Skinny Mini. I can now carry less, Happy, Happy, Happy......... I use this to carry my ID and a Few Cards and that is all I need on an every day basis. I keep the rest of the stuff in the skinny mini that I take along as needed.
Simple and easy
None so far

Janet Fulwider
West Liberty Iowa
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

I like this product a lot
December 17, 2015
This product comes in handy when you need to run to the grocery store, etc. I also like the fact it is small and fits in any size handbag. Construction is done very well, and light weight, which is a plus. Thanks for your great product.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

November 3, 2015
I have had many money clip wallets but the BigSkinny is the first that holds all my cards and money and is truly skinny. Great wallet.

Long Island, NY
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Another wellmade Big Skinny product
October 16, 2015
This is my 3rd Big Skinny wallet. Not because they wore out, but because my style and needs changed. This money clip wallet is everything all the other big skinny wallets are. Well made, thin, durable. My only wish is that the wallet itself was perhaps slightly longer, so that not only could the money clip portion be a bit further down on the wallet to make it not block the card pocket as much, but also make the card pockets themselves slightly deeper. That change alone would probably make this the perfect wallet for me.
Love the material they use. Magnet is plenty strong unless you're rolling with a deep bankroll. Slimmer than my previous Big Skinny bifold.
The ID pockets view screen will get gunked up after a while, like all my Big Skinny's. It is hard to clean.

Dan Bauer
Grand Junction CO
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Truth be told
September 1, 2015
Strong magnet holds bills as advertised & body holds several cards. This wallet is made to take everyday abuse without the bulk like leather wallets with same capacity that are bulky and break down after two years. This wallet is so compact it does not stretch out pant pockets or leave an outline or imprint on denim. Strong long-lasting stitching as well.
See my experience comment

M Chan
Seattle, WA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

August 14, 2015
I tried a few other brands and they all had something wrong with them. I finally tried this one and it works like a issues!
Small and carries all my cards.
The clip doesn't hold as many bills as I would like, but it's a small knock since everything else is great.

Kevin Newell
Tracy, Ca.
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Best money clip I have ever owned, no joke.
July 25, 2015
After owning a couple dozen money clips over my lifetime, I purchased my first Big Skinny from a craft show vendor at the Best of the West Rib Cookoff in Sparks, Nevada, four years ago. Can't say enough about it. It performed better than any previous one I had without falling apart or eventually tearing a hole in my jeans pocket. No question it's the best money clip I have ever owned. I say "owned" in past tense since I lost it two weeks ago, along with $800 i had won at a casino in Lake Tahoe. Believe it or not, I was more upset that I might not be able to replace the clip than i was about losing the money. Hey, it wasn't my money anyway, right? lol. After a week of phone calls and Google searches I finally located you guys (a little bit of a challenge since I didn't remember the name of your company) and have a replacement on the way. Great product.
Out performs every money clip I haver ever owned. Won't dig holes into your pants pockets. Very thin, with very strong magnets.
I havent found any yet. I haven't tried putting cards in the clip along with the cash on those occasions when I had to travel "light" and couldn't carry my regular wallet. the magnets are very, very strong and I was concerned it might wipe out the magnetic strip on the cards. Maybe I will try it on a card i plan on replacing anyway just as a test.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Best money clip on the market
July 13, 2015
Love this product , Bought two . 1 for my son and 1 for my brother . They both love them
Holds everything indeed
Wish the magnet was a bit stronger

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