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Multi-Pocket Bi-fold Wallet
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PLEASE NOTE: this item no longer comes with a plastic key holder.

Perfection may your name be balance. Perhaps our most popular wallet design of all time. Perfectly balanced and designed for those that need just enough unique card slots to access those many frequently used cards yet still want a thin bi-fold wallet that’s a normal wallet size. Five card pockets for the plastic cards that you use all the time plus two extra-wide card storage pockets for those you have to carry but rarely use. Like all our wallets, every pocket in this wallet is extra-wide so you can still fill without overfilling. Plus, as always, our proprietary nylon microfiber material is lined with a non-slip interior to help stop prevent your valuables from sliding out even after you’ve dropped your slim bi-fold wallet yet again in the lunch line…. Holds 20-25 full-size plastic cards plus bills. $24.95

  • full-size billfold area
  • 4 extra-wide credit card pockets
  • 1 extra-wide clear ID/credit card pocket
  • 2 over-sized hidden storage pockets
  • 4 1/2" wide x 3 3/8" tall (11.4 cm x 8.5 cm)
  • only ⅛" (4 mm) thin when closed!

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Multi-Pocket Bi-fold Wallet
5 Stars based on 412 Review(s)
5 Stars

February 7, 2015
I love my wallet. It helps complete me. It seems like it will last quite awhile, and neatly fits everything I need. Attractive, inexpensive, and discreet!

5 Stars

Big Skinny
December 30, 2014
This is my second wallet. I liked it enough to buy one for my son.

5 Stars

Comes as Advertised
December 29, 2014
This is my third wallet. I like to have one for travel and one for everyday use. I carry 4 credit cards plus 9 other plastic cards for various other uses. I also carry business cards, license, medical insurance cards and some various papers. Fits quite nicely into my front pocket. I almost wore one out...but no...I simply washed it and gave it away.

Jim Stanley
5 Stars

muuti-fold bifold wallet
December 17, 2014
Other than getting use to it being a little slippery, I love this wallet. I put everything from my old wallet in it and its more than half the size thinner. Great wallet, love it.

Harry Meyen
5 Stars

multi pocket billfold
November 11, 2014
I bought this, and the leather version a couple weeks ago, and it is only about an 1/8 inch thick empty. I do not use the top slots for cards as I like the wallet to stretch over and not expose the contents to casual eyes. Mine is starting to shape nicely.

bob manchek
5 Stars

great wallet
November 4, 2014
generally love this wallet. nice and thin with just enough pockets and i like bifold better than trifold. only small nitpicks are the outside is a bit slippery and i wish the bill pocket were just a bit deeper to protect the outside edge of bills/receipts. also, the plastic has a bit of that stinky chinese gasoline smell, which i hope will fade. but these are minor, it's a great wallet.

3 Stars

Good wallet but breaks cards...
November 3, 2014
I've had the wallet for 2 years now, great wallet, very durable, almost no signs of wear, incredibly thin. The only problem is that my credit/debit cards break when using this wallet. They all develop a crease about 1/4 inch from the top and then before long break all the way across. I called customer service and while they were helpful and respectful, they said all they could do is send me another model exactly the same. It seems as though the issue I'm having is related to this particular model itself as there are no signs of defect with the one that I have. I would recommend another model as opposed to this one if you want your cards to remain in tact, the quality seems to be very well done though.

5 Stars

Multi-Pocket Bi-fold Wallet
September 20, 2014
Excellent wallet. I only carry 1 credit card, 1 debit card and my driver's license. This is just what I needed. The shipping to Canada was a bit expensive but it was definitely still worth it.

4 Stars

Showing some signs of wear
September 9, 2014
I have enjoyed using the wallet for the last two years (since May, 2012) - much better than a thicker leather wallet.

4 Stars

August 3, 2014
I really like this wallet, but after transferring everything that was in my leather wallet to this one, while it is thinner, it's definitely not half, or even close to that. But I like the fabric and the weight. Also, I wish the credit card slots were not so slippery -- my cards are having a tendency to slip out. Otherwise, it's a great wallet.

4 Stars

as advertised
July 15, 2014
Had the tri-fold big skinny until I wore it out. This does a better job in the back pocket than the tri-fold.

5 Stars

Multi pocket bifold wallet
May 19, 2014
Just right for front pocket carry and very durable.

Thos Stifel
5 Stars

Multi-Pocket Bifold
April 28, 2014
I have carried this wallet everyday since Oct 2011 (2.5yrs) and it still looks great. I used to go through leather wallets every 4-5yrs, at least they looked awful after 5 yrs. I'm not one to leave a review on anything but since this item still looks near new (except for the permanent wrinkle at the fold when open), I had to find this website again and comment. I have always carried minimal essential items only - minimal to me is 10-12 credit card / drivers lic type items. And with such contents, this bi-fold remains thin and easy on the pocket and easy on the a**! The stitching is still sound, minor wear on exterior but no holes or frayed material or weakening. After 2+ years, the slick thin (durable) exterior material shows the contour somewhat of the credit card size contents or the shape of the spare key. I'm an office guy but very active (hiking, riding, home repair). The base of the fold inside where bills are kept has a mess of old saw dust, leaf debris, lint, etc down in that crevice yet no worse for the wear. The only issues - which i was worried when i purchased it - was the slick material allowing it to work it's way out of my pocket. This has happened once, but only after kicked back in a big sofa for hours. To be fair, on rare occasion the same has happened to me with other wallets in the past 35yrs. I'll be back when i need another...maybe another 8yrs?

5 Stars

big skinny multi pocket wallet
March 15, 2014
very nice and slim wallet

5 Stars

Great Wallet, but...
February 27, 2014
I love the wallet, however I have had it for nearly 2 years now, but i ahve just come to realize that your credit cards could be damaged based on how you carry the wallet...silly I know but if you carry the wallet in your back pocket in a horizontal position (meaning) your credit cards with the tops up, the top portion of the cards becomes fatigue and cracks...I simply suggest the wallet when carried in the back pocket be placed in the pocket in a vertical position. Otherwise this wallet is the best thing ever.

Steven E Collier
5 Stars

Multi-Pocket Bi-fold BFOLDBK25 1 24.95 Colors = Tuxedo Black BFOLDBK25 Wallet
February 21, 2014
An improvement overall from the previous version that I purchased (i.e., additional pockets to keep credit cards separate) with one exception . . . the Big Skinny logo patch protrudes too much, catches on the edge of my pocket.

5 Stars

Love it
February 20, 2014
I've had a leather bi-fold for as long as I can remember, and have always kept it in my back pocket. Lately it was causing hip pain to sit on my wallet, and I got tired to constantly having to take my wallet out of my pocket every time I sat down.

5 Stars

Great Wallet, just one negative in my opinion
February 19, 2014
I have used the wallet for about 2 weeks now and am very pleased. It is definitely the thinnest wallet that I have ever had. Also, a friend convinced me to give up the old tri-fold habit and to go with this bi-fold. I am VERY happy that I did that. I am not sure why I stayed with tri-folds for so long! The only negative is that I feel that the separator cloth in the bill compartment is a hindrance. It seems to get in the way when inserting bills into the wallet, especially when trying to place bills on the outer side of the divider. I may carefully remove the divider. Other than that I am totally pleased!!

5 Stars

Best Wallet by far!
February 15, 2014
I've purchased the big skinny wallets for the last 10+ years and I love how they fit all my cards, license and cash w/o becoming thick. They're so thin and light you barely feel it in your pocket. I will never buy anything else.

5 Stars

Multi Pocket BiFold Wallet
February 6, 2014
My 3rd one in 12 years. When this one wears out I'll buy another. There's nothing like it in the marketplace that combines the quality and longevity of this wallet. Thanks BIG SKINNY!

El Buggie
5 Stars

Pleasantly Surprised!!!
February 1, 2014
I got this wallet because I was tired of my wallet bulging out of my pants pocket, and even making permenant marks in my pants. My old wallet was expecially inconvenient in dress slacks with smaller pockets. After much research, I found the Big Skinny Multi-Pocket Bi-fold Wallet. Although I was skeptical of the claims that just the slightly modified dimentions (larger pockets), and a thinner material (not leather, but still durable) would make a significant difference... but I was pleasantly surprised. First, after emptying my old wallet and filling the new one I was immediately shocked to see that that my new fully-filled Big Skinny wallet was thinner than my old empty wallet. Then, almost a month later, I can say that it is holding up to my daily use quite nicely -- no rips, tears, obvious signs that it won't last. And my pants don't look as deformed. I feel the benefits of a slimmer wallet. Take it from a skeptic, I was / am pleasantly surprised.

5 Stars

Almost got want I am looking for.
January 24, 2014
I am happy as this almost meet my goal for slim wallet. Leather has better look but is out of question for me as I prefer wallet as thin as possible. I prefer no symbol. If no choice then print or embossed logo rather than plastic/rubber sticker brand logo.

5 Stars

Got this for my husband and he loves it
January 22, 2014
My husband has been looking for a new wallet for a couple years now. He has at least 2 brand new ones in a drawer that just didn't work for him. He is very pleased with his Big Skinny wallet as it has the features he wanted but fits very well in his pocket. We'll definitely be back when he needs a new one!

5 Stars

Bi fold wallet
January 19, 2014
This product is excellent, I Love it. The only downside to the transaction was they lost the order, I called customer service and they promised that a supervisor would call back that day. No call back for a couple of days then I sent them the order and everything that they had sent me and told them if they didn't do something by a certain date I was going to complain to Paypal. I never did get a call back but they ultimately sent me an email saying the product was being shipped. I got it a couple of days later. Great product, not so great order handling or customer service.

Mark Simpson
5 Stars

January 18, 2014
You buy lots of stuff with the hopes that it is going to be as good as promised and this wallet is BETTER than promised. It immediately became my favorite wallet ever, is slim with all of my cards and cash, and looks great. It even got my wife's seal of approval. Nice going Big Skinny Inc.!

Verified Customer
5 Stars

Wallet review
January 16, 2014
Very Nice. Skinny indeed. Excellent quality. Worth every single penny. Highly Recommend. Never going back to any other wallet again.

4 Stars

Wallet review
January 14, 2014
This is a good wallet. It holds the credit cards fine, is lite, well made, and I expect to last many years.

Josh Boze
5 Stars

Repeat Customer
January 7, 2014
I'm still using the skinny wallet I got a year ago. Thinnest bifold ever. Love this thing. It looks brand new. That's why I just bought another one, just in a different color.

5 Stars

Really Thin
January 3, 2014
I bought a BSkinny bifold almost a year ago and I really liked mine. Thus, I bought two more wallets/card holders for my sons as gifts.

5 Stars

Multi-Pocket Bi-fold Wallet
January 2, 2014
Best wallet I've ever owned. I will never carry any other wallet! I got two for me and gave away several as gifts for family.

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