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Leather Hipster Bifold
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PLEASE NOTE: this item no longer comes with a plastic key holder.
Are you the type who refuses to throw anything away? Do you have cards in your wallet from 1988? Has your wallet been named "The File Cabinet" by friends and family? Then the Hipster Bifold is the wallet for you!

It's designed to accommodate 35-40 plastic cards and work in conjunction with our Hipster Insert [sold separately - can accommodate another dozen cards!], a load of receipts, cash, etc. How, you ask, can it stay skinny after adding all that junk? In addition to using our ultra-thin, nylon micro-fiber material, we attach your junk with a divide-and-conquer strategy. By dividing your cards ultimately into two stacks, you end up sitting on a neat flat surface instead of one big lump.

  • 3 deep pockets can hold about 8+ plastic cards each
  • clear ID pocket holds an additional 8+ plastic cards
  • large hidden pocket holds 8+ plastic cards
  • deep billfold area
  • pockets and billfold are lined with a rubbery coating to help prevent your goods from sliding out
  • dimensions: 4⅜" wide x 5⅜" tall (11.1 cm x 13.3 cm)
  • only ⅛" (4 mm) thin when closed!

Leather Hipster Bifold
5 Stars based on 54 Review(s)
5 Stars

Hipster Bifold
January 28, 2015
I always had carried a similar but conventional leather wallets like this with insert. I like to call it my portable filing cabinet; I carry a bunch of cards etc. They were so thick, I had to carry them in my front pocket. I bought one of these on a whim a year ago and just 2 weeks ago switched out wallets. Holy Cow! This thing is really thinner! I was shocked! There have been times I have panicked thinking I had lost my wallet because I couldn't feel it in my pocket. It was there but I was so used to the old big fat ones. I'll never go back.

Steve N
5 Stars

BIG fan
January 27, 2015
used to have the fat wallet that gave me back issues

5 Stars

The Hipster BiFold
December 30, 2014
Great product. High quality and very handsome. And, it is thin.

5 Stars

Really great wallet! So Happy!
December 18, 2014
Thank you! This wallet is exactly what I was looking for. Had purchased another leather Hipster type wallet online, but after putting all my stuff in it was so fat i couldn't get it out of my pocket. This one is so thin I forget it's in my pocket. Quality of construction is top notch, too. I got the leather version, the nylon fabric one must be even thinner.

Donn Malwick
5 Stars

Leather Hipster
December 10, 2014
Fabulous wallet best I've ever had holds more than I thought with room to spare

James Honea Jr
5 Stars

The wallet that i have been searching for!!!
September 13, 2014
This wallet is extremely well made, and is plenty big enough for every rewards card, credit card, and receipt I've thrown at it and it is still thin as a piece of cardboard! I highly recommend this wallet and will purchase another when mine kicks the bucket.

5 Stars

Leather hipster
August 26, 2014
love it. even slimmer than i thought

Gary Mellor
5 Stars

Leather Hipster Bifold
August 1, 2014
Absolutely love it, holds all my notes and credit cards and still skinny ....and does so with out my credit cards being ruined by non support and breaking in half. Quality of leather & craftsmanship very nice also. A lot of wallet for the money

5 Stars

leather hipster bifold
June 26, 2014
Great wallet-plenty of room for all my cards-they don't fall out-easy on my butt-will buy again if it wears out.

5 Stars

Hipster wallet
May 23, 2014
can definitely be a file cabinet.

DOug Fraser
5 Stars

Hipster Wallet
May 12, 2014
Excellent Product! Definitely cuts down on the bulk. This is my second purchase and likely will not be my last.

4 Stars

Hipster color
April 30, 2014
All the reviews cover this product well, I really like it, but just black and brown choices? Give us a color that is easy to find!!!

Bad Nurse
5 Stars

Big Skinny
February 4, 2014
I have been using my Big Skinny for a year and it has held up to my abuse fairly well. The wallet corners show some wear, but the stitching is completely intact and the plastic window is great. Where else are you gonna go for a style like this? This is a well designed wallet and this is the only company that can keep you skinny! My butt thanks you.

5 Stars

January 16, 2014
I love Big Skinny wallets, I have had several of them, and all have been terrific.

5 Stars

First impression=I LOVE It!
January 9, 2014
I had a huge wallet because I have so many cards even after attempting to cut down on how many cards I carry. I saw Big Skinny on Groupon and decided to give it a try. I was able to get everything in that my old (huge) wallet had in it, but it feels SO much smaller and lighter now. Great product!

4 Stars

Great Wallet!
January 2, 2014
Holds a lot of cards! It does what is intended and works well. Looks great too.

5 Stars

Leather hipster wallet
December 31, 2013
Great wallet! Would be even better if it came with money in it!

TK Laugh
5 Stars

GREAT Product
December 24, 2013
I purchased one for my husband at our local Bodacious Bazaar; he's always had a VERY thick wallet and he LOVED it. My father-in-law has back problems and his doctor commented on HIS wallet, so we purchased one for a Christmas gift for him...can't wait for him to open his present and try it out!

Glenn Storm
5 Stars

Missing the Best Feature
October 18, 2013
This wallet solved the number 1 problem with most hip pocket wallets. Over time, the credit cards all split due to the constant bending of the long axis around your "curve". But this model rotates the cards 90 degrees, and puts 2 rows. Now the wallet folds horizontally between the two rows to conform to your "curve" instead of breaking your cards. Have started all with new cards and have used for 4 months without any indication of card wear. Great design, missed feature opportunity.

Kent Downing
4 Stars

Almost great
October 14, 2013
This is the second Hipster bifold wallet that I've purchased. I decided to upgrade from the Nylon version to leather. I really like the wallet, but the pockets for the cards seem just a little too big. If I don't fill them with a bunch of cards (which makes the wallet thicker than I'd like) they are prone to slide out. Otherwise, super awesome wallet that allows me to keep all the cards I want but isn't too thick!

5 Stars

Leather Hipster bifold
October 14, 2013
Exactly as advertised, I really like this wallet. The design is perfect for the amount of cards I carry, it's so think, I almost forget it there, unlike the old wallet that was about 2 inches thick.

Kenneth Lindsey
5 Stars

Hipster leatherwallet
October 4, 2013
Bought this for a friend a church. I also bought this in the nylon version for myself.

Sharon Wetherby
5 Stars

Leather Hipster Bifold
July 18, 2013
Bought as a gift for my son. He thinks it is a little tall; i.e, sticks out a little in his back pocket. Other than that, he really likes it. Can load it up with all his cards, receipts, etc., and it still stays "Skinny".

5 Stars

Hipster Bifold leather
July 5, 2013
As advertised. Very pleased with all aspects it's thin, holds a lot, easy to use, looks good. This is a large bill fold by design and may protrude beyond some jeans rear pockets. It fits well into all of my pants pockets except one brand of jeans which has tapered pockets with a "V" at the bottom.

5 Stars

Leather Hipster
June 25, 2013
Well, it's big...and, it's skinny. Big as in it consumes all of the real estate in a rear pocket...skinny as in it's unobtrusive.

5 Stars

Leather Hipster
June 14, 2013
My husband LOVES this wallet..fits everything in it and is easy to carry..

5 Stars

Excellent wallet
June 7, 2013
This wallet is great! holds everything i need and doesn't cause any problems sitting on it....

5 Stars

Hipster Bifold leather
May 13, 2013
Love it - holds everything, fits pocket, sturdy, very functional.

5 Stars

Leather Hipster Bifold
May 9, 2013
Very nice wallet. Thinner full than my Kenneth Cole bifold was empty. Fills the pocket nicely, and balances out the cell phone in my other rear pocket. Easily swallows my cards and what little cash I (father of 2) get to carry. Cards never slip out, but are easy to access. ID slot is great. The receipts slot is handy for checks, receipts, or even and index card. It already has a deep crease down the middle, which looks more "broken" than "worn in" - but it's not. I haven't tried any other skinny wallets, but this one is highly functional and I recommend it.

Rick Iverson
5 Stars

April 24, 2013
It truly is everything they say it is. It holds ALL of the contents with no discomfort. I say try one. You won't be disappointed.

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