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Zippered Wallets

Zippered Wallets
Make it harder to lose your goods to gravity with Big Skinny zippered wallets! In addition to rubberized-coating lining the inside of our card pockets, we’ve added a handy zipper to many of our thin wallets to safeguard your belongings even more. Another layer of security to protect your hard-earned cash and cards!

With this line of thin wallets, keep everything you need in one place AND stay skinny in the process. Our zippered wallets are perfect for busy individuals who don’t have much time for organization, or tend to throw their wallets around a lot while on the go – in your backpack, purse, or on the car seat next to you. No matter what you toss in there, your wallet will stay skinny! So worry no more, friends. Instead, spend your time planning your next big move. And check out our cell phone wallets for even more consolidation.

Big Skinny offers our thin zippered wallets in a variety of styles, materials, and colors. Nylon microfiber is available for you sporty folk (machine washable and vegan-friendly!), while a leather wallet lends to a more sophisticated look. Find the perfect model to fit your style today!

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