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LEATHER Wallet Hybrids

Beautiful thin top-grain cowhide leather + our thin, nylon micro-fiber = one handsome, thin wallet. Our hybrid non full leather wallets combine the luxury of the finest quality top-grain or full-grain leather with the thin characteristics of our unique nylon micro-fiber on the inside which does all the work. A slim leather wallet combined with nylon is the only way to keep a leather wallet thin--- nothing else works--just look at the leather wallet you are sitting on now right? And we do not use the cheap genuine leather which is heavily chemically treated and rarely lasts or looks good for long. We overlay the outside leather layer over the nylon so you still get the benefits of our rubbery coating as well as the extra-wide pockets on the inside of the wallet. We have mens leather wallets and wallets for women in your favorite wallet styles, available in Tuxedo Black, Chocolate Brown, & Camel Brown. Send us an email to and tell us what wallet model you want next.

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