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WOMEN'S Wallets
Imagine having a wallet, without losing capacity or functionality mind you, 3-5 times thinner and lighter than those massive dinosaur woman's wallets on today's retail shelves and weighing your shoulders down. Women typically carry a lot of stuff in their wallet. By stuff, we mean plastic cards, cash, coupons, receipts, coins, etc. We know that you want to be able to carry all your goods in a womens' wallet that won't end up dominating your handbag. Big Skinny solves the bulky wallets problem for women. We've created the women's wallet designs you love and made wallets from our ultra-thin, water-resistant nylon micro-fiber on the inside to keep it thin and beautiful and for some leather wallet models, we used top-grain leather on the outside. You'll now have more room in your bag for your iPhone, Kindle, and gummy worms. And your arms will ache less since our wallets are 3-5 times lighter than regular leather wallets for women. That's a savings of 6 ounces to 1 pound in just sheer wallet weight as well as a reduction of 50% or more in thickness. Wait till you experience our womens' wallets.

Big Skinny offers a wide array of womens wallets that will carry all sorts of stuff that women normally take with them. From plastic cards to cash to receipts to coins, women carry their lives with them wherever they go. Half of it ends up at the bottom of your purse and the other half dominates your wallet. With our super skinny wallets for women, you no longer have to worry about bulk or extra weight. For all of those extra store cards, business cards and additional plastic you carry around, we have tons of pockets that fit multiples. You’ll stay super organized and even have room leftover for your Kindle, iPad and gummy worms. Our large and small wallets for women fit any type of lifestyle or occasion. Just browse through our selection of checkbook wallets and coin wallets. For a sportier look, our nylon micro-fiber womens wallets are water-resistant and vegan, while our sleek leather wallets for women are made from top grain cowhide with a nylon lining.

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