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If youíre a jet-setter then you know that traveling light is a must. Most of the cards you need at home are not going to be used when youíre away so why take them in your passport wallet? What you do need to worry about are passports, various currency and transportation items. And when youíre traveling you need to have everything in its designated place so you can reach for it at a momentís notice. You donít want to be stuck in a London hack rifling through all of your ruble notes. You also donít want to try handing the TSA your Eurail Pass either. Weíve manufactured an amazing passport wallet just for you and your adventurous needs. Our passport holders and traveler wallets in both nylon and leather offer specific spaces for your cards, money, tickets and more. For those who are serious about their traveling, our thin World Bi-Fold Wallet will carry all of your travel stuff and even some souvenirs.

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