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Some of our most enthusiastic customers are men who have been sitting on a thick, heavy leather wallet for decades. After extensive research, we have crafted the world's thinnest, lightest, most comfortable and most durable wallets. Crafted from our proprietary light-weight and water-resistant nylon micro-fiber material that is five to seven times thinner than leather, you're sure to feel a difference with our wallets. In fact, Big Skinny wallets end up THREE to FIVE times thinner and lighter than a regular leather wallet with the same amount of stuff in them. And this is not your 70s style nylon wallet either, our modern thin wallets are designed for generation now. Everything in your life is high tech so your wallet should also be. See our unique Big Skinny wallets and features for yourself! And our nylon micro-fiber wallets are VEGAN.

Men have had the bad habit of sitting on a bulky leather wallet for decades. This causes all kinds of back problems including painful sciatica and poor posture. �After much extensive research, Big Skinny has finally crafted the world�s lightest, thinnest mens wallets. And, get this, they�re super durable and comfortable too. Manufactured from a lightweight, water-resistant nylon micro-fiber, our slim wallets for men end up being three to five times thinner than a normal leather wallet with the same amount of stuff in them. They can hold all of your plastic, cash, change and whatever else you need.

And not to worry, these thin wallets for men aren�t those retro nylon ones from the 1970�s. They�re modern, sleek and sophisticated while still being sporty enough to take to the gym and then out to dinner. Our nylon micro-fiber wallets are completely vegan, but we also have top grain leather wallets for those that enjoy a chic, skinny wallet. To narrow down your search, try browsing our specific pages for mens bifold wallets, mens trifold wallets, mens money clip wallets, front pocket wallets, chain wallets and cell phone wallets

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