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Non Leather Wallets

Non Leather Wallets

Big Skinny offers a large variety of non leather wallets for your selection. Whether you’re shopping for a non leather wallet because you want something super sporty that won’t weigh you down or because you’re cow-friendly and practicing your going green habits, Big Skinny carries nylon wallets that come in a bunch of different colors, shapes and sizes.

We have non leather wallets in bi-fold, tri-fold, traveling, sports, money clip, L-shaped and checkbook styles. Tuxedo Black, Chocolate Brown and Navy Blue are great colors for someone who likes their wallets subdued, while our Electric Purple and Fuchsia colors are fantastic for those who want their wallet to stand out in a crowd.

Our nylon wallets are made from petroleum products much like other nylon items so recycling centers are now processing nylon as a recyclable material. And, since you’re buying a high quality nylon product from us, you’ll be purchasing fewer wallets throughout your life. Our non leather wallets won’t weigh your pockets or your conscience down.

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