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Coin Wallets

Coin Wallets
Whether your coins run the show or just support the big-billed stars, you need to keep them calm, cool, and collected. Well, maybe just collected will do in this case. Who has the time to haphazardly rummage through pockets or a purse to find the correct change? For your fast-paced and hectic lifestyle, you need a thin wallet that'll do the organizing for you.

Introducing the Big Skinny coin wallets! Our line of ultra-thin wallets offers many models so you can find the perfect fit for your needs. If you carry a lot of change, check out our money penny (making its debut appearance!) or the lynx. If you need more room for cards and bills, try one of our more traditional wallets with coin pockets. Even filled to capacity with 20-25 cards plus coins and bills, these wallets remain thin. Stay skinny without going on a diet - isn't that everyone's dream?

Available in vegan-friendly nylon microfiber or top-grain leather, Big Skinny wallets also come in a variety of colors guaranteed to steal the limelight from your friend's boring billfold. Don't settle for second-rate. Get your Big Skinny today!

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