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Checkbook Wallets
Our Big Skinny women’s checkbook wallets are like the friend that can eat however much she wants - of whatever she wants - and never put on a pound. If there was ever a wallet with a hyperactive thyroid, it would be our Big Skinny checkbook wallets. Unlike your friend, a typical checkbook wallet doesn’t have a hummingbird’s metabolism. After years, months, days or hours of use, a woman’s checkbook wallet can become inundated with grocery store coupons, numbers that haven’t found the trash yet, receipts of clothing never to be returned, frequent buyer cards, concert tickets and maybe even a checkbook. In short, a woman’s checkbook wallet can quickly become a bloated monstrosity of useful and useless stuff.
Fortunately, our innovative checkbook wallet designs will keep your belongings stored, organized and the wallet sleek and chic. Our innovate Divide and Conquer design compartmentalizes your content into four separate sections, keeping your wallet totable, skinny and conveniently organized. Although the wallet remains skinny, our checkbook wallet is designed so effectively that some of our checkbook wallets can hold up to 30 to 40 plastic cards. Barring a serious shopping problem, if you convert 30 to 40 cards to indecipherable phone numbers and concert tickets, then you have a lot of useful room. Unlike other checkbook wallets, this useful room does not translate to a big, clunky wallet.
Our Big Skinny women’s checkbook wallets are so conveniently sized, they can easily be used as a clutch. Each checkbook wallet features two billfold/checkbook areas with a separator, eight oversized credit card pockets, two large ID pockets, an exterior zippered coin pocket, and a thin yet strong magnetic clasp. Designed for the modern woman on the go, our checkbook wallets are practical, convenient and, of course, the skinniest on the market.

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