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Card Wallets

Card Wallets
These days there's a card for everything. Credit card, debit card, gift card, rewards card, customer card, business card...the list goes on and on! And you never know when you might happen to need one of those cards, so of course you have to carry every single one on your person at all times. But what's the solution when you don't want that pile weighing down your pockets or purse in the form of a bulky wallet?

That's where we come in.

Big Skinny wallets allow you to carry ALL your goods without that unsightly bulge. Our ultra-thin nylon microfiber combined with our innovative divide-and-conquer design strategy organize your cards neatly and efficiently (rather than stacking them all on top of each other for maximum heft). Each model is designed to hold 20-25 thick plastic cards while still staying thin. If you're a real hoarder (don't worry, we won't judge you), check out the super skinny or the hipster - both models capable of holding 35-40 credit cards without losing that same thin look. No compromise - just maximum capacity. Whether you're a businessman looking for his next client or a shopping addict with ten maxed-out credit cards, our thin wallets will have what you need. That is, as long as you remember to put it in there. Sorry, we can't ACTUALLY do magic - but these skinny wallets are as close as it gets.

Quantity plus quality. What more could you ask for?

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