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Zippered Bifold Wallet Video Guide

More Card Space Than Ever

Four plastic card pockets will hold three cards each. The ID pocket will also three plastic cards. You can use it to store your photo ID or your metro pass. The plastic window gives a clear view of the card behind, but if you need to take out your ID in a hurry you can use the thumbhole opening to slide it out with ease. All-in-all, about 25 plastic cards can be stored in this wallet without stretching the seams or damaging the wallet.

Storing Cash

In our classic bifold wallet we have a billfolds pocket that can store bills and receipts, and the zippered version is no different. We even added a cloth divider to this wallet to keep your money separated from your receipts.

Still Slimmer Than Your Average Wallet

As always, we've endeavored to make this wallet as slim and skinny as possible. You'll notice that even with the zipper enclosure, this wallet is still half the size of a regular bifold wallet. Nylon micro fiber is the key to achieve this super thin shape. This unique fabric is paper thin but has a high-density weave that lends strength and durability. Nylon micro fiber is also water-resistant and very resilient, so it's safe to put in the washing machine when you need to clean it. Feel free to wash this wallet every week if you want - it's up to the challenge. Don't be surprised if you never have to buy a new wallet again.

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