Very Small Wallet

The Big Skinny is the perfect solution to anyone who is searching for a very small wallet. The ultra-thin wallet is made from durable nylon microfiber material which, even when filled with cards and cash, remains small and flat, making it more comfortable to carry in your pocket. Compared with ordinary wallets, the Big Skinny wallets are 50 to 75 percent thinner, depending on the model. Even though they are much smaller, you can carry just as much as you can with a regular wallet. How is this possible? The Big Skinny wallet is specially design with multiple pockets so you can divide and conquer. By separating your cards into different pockets, there are no unsightly bulges, and this lets our revolutionary wallet sit flat, even when it's stuffed full of cash and credit cards. There are other design features that put these wallets a cut above the rest, such as extra-wide pockets and rubbery backing so the cards won't fall out, even when the wallet is turned upside down. The microfiber makes the wallet light as well as small. A lighter and smaller wallet is also much healthier for you to carry in your pocket, as you won't have that added weight.