5 Ways to reduce the size of your wallet

Do you have a thick and bulky wallet which just makes you pants or purse bulky or actually causes sciatica? Well here are some simple ways to reduce the thickness of your wallet.

1. Clean out your wallet
Throw away the ATM receipts, shopping bills and checks from restaurants. That's what the recycling bin is for. So in case, you need to return something or check how much you withdrew you just can't.

2. Leave pictures at home
No, you do not need to show our love for family members and pets by carrying a picture of then all the time in your wallet. Leave it at home or post it on social media, who need to always think about or remember the people they love?

3. Use only one debit or credit card
Try to stick to one bank account and one debit card at a try. Work through them in a rotation, make your own schedule for which card you would carry on which days. If you can do this you must be excellent at planning.

4. Don't carry cash
Stop using cash as it takes up way too much space in your wallet and doesn't even get us started with coins and never be able to go to your favorite cash-only dive bar that you love to hang out in with your buddies.

Do any of the above seem impossible or downright ridiculous? Well, then there is always the last option.

5. Get a Big Skinny
Carry your receipts, photos, IDs, cash, and cards while making our wallet up to 50% thinner. This is done using nylon microfiber and an innovative design. We know what is important in life, so we made a wallet that has no compromise, no major changes; just thinner and lighter. Cause you deserve it. Get a Big Skinny that fits your needs, get one NOW.