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Skinny Mini Pen

How Do You Use the Skinny Mini Pen?

Like any other pen the Skinny Mini Pen is filled with ink. Simply extend the pen to its full length, uncap it and put it to paper to use. To maximize comfort while writing, we decided to add the extending feature that allows you to hold the mini pen just like a regular pen. This pen also doubles as a stylus. The nub of the stylus can be found on the tip of the cap. Leave the cap on the pen to use it with touchscreen devices.

How Do You Store the Skinny Mini Pen?

Skinny Mini Pens are designed specifically to fit in the spine of your wallet. Open a standard bifold wallet and you'll find a little space between the two folds that's just large enough for a skinny pen. Fold up the Skinny Mini Pen and slip it into this space to store it. A little metal clip attached to the end of the pen will keep it snugly in place.

Replenishment Kit

When it's time to replace the ink or stylus nub, simply order one of our cost efficient replacement kits. It comes with several ink cartridges and a brand new stylus nub.

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