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Skinny Mini Pen

Skinny Mini Pen

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This unique Skinny Mini Wallet Pen/Stylus is so tiny, you could almost forget it's even in your wallet. However, it's also so practical that you'll find yourself using it almost daily. It fits perfectly into the center fold of any wallet, giving you an effective writing instrument and smartphone stylus in one convenient, compact package. Even though it's tiny when stored, you can use the telescoping feature to extend it to your desired length. The stylus tip easily glides along the surface of any tablet or smartphone. Or, just unscrew the stylus cap to reveal an ink wallet pen for quick signatures or note taking. It's quick, easy and, best of all, totally modern.

When you go to order the Skinny Mini Wallet Pen, you'll have a few different colors to choose from. These pens are so affordable that you can grab a mini for every wallet you own and indulge in a little color matching. Who says a pen can't be stylish too?

In our Skinny Mini Wallet Pen kit you'll get the extendable mini pen and a canister containing two extra ink cartridges for refilling the pen. We know you'll be using this pen a lot throughout the day, so that's why we've included the extra ink in the main kit. Whenever you find yourself running low, grab one of our Replenishment Kits for the Skinny Mini Pen. The Replenishment Kit comes with five, yes FIVE, ink refills in medium point black ink. This kit also comes with a replacement stylus nub in black.

With the combination of a mini pen and stylus, this convenient tool will quickly become one of your essentials to keep on hand at all times. Use it with any of our Mini Skinny, Super Skinny or Skinny Flat wallets for convenient access. Just pop this little tool out any time you need a pen or stylus on the go.


  • Collapsable pen barrel
  • Removable stylus tip
  • Pen kit comes with 2 ink refills
  • Length: 2.875" (7.3 cm) collapsed, 5.375" (13.65 cm) extended
  • Width: 0.25" (0.635 cm)
  • Circumference: 0.785" (2 cm)

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase! You may make an exchange or receive your money back [less shipping/tax] for your UNUSED item within 30 days of purchase. During the December holidays, we extend the return policy to 60 days, since we know many of these purchases are gifts. Just ship back to us with packing slip and instructions for exchange or refund.
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Skinny Mini Pen   $14.95
31 Reviews
58% (18)
10% (3)
10% (3)
13% (4)
10% (3)
71% Recommend this product (22 of 31 responses)
By Adriienne Terenzoni
Denver, Colorado
May 2, 2018
This little pen is great, when it works. It will only produce ink for a short period of time, then quits working. If you let it rest a bit, then it will start working again. It's really annoying, but I love the size of it. Not sure what to do.
Merchant Response:Hi Adriienne, Oh no! Thank you for letting us know! We'll get a replacement out to you ASAP! Have a great day! BigSkinny
Consdoesn't always work
By Terry
Highlands Ranch, CO
February 10, 2018
Works great and fits wallet perfectly!
Just what I needed, a small pen for the wallet that extends for writing. Happy with this purchase!
By Marti
Seattle, Washington
January 26, 2018
4 stars but
I rate this product 4 stars becuase I really appreciate the design and the small, family run type of business. The time it lasted was a big let down though. It was a Christmas gift to my husband, he was really thrilled to receive it because he had been looking for a wallet pen for a long long time. One week later he found out the pen was not writing anymore. So we tried to change the cartridge..the pen still doesn't work.. I felt really sorry, as I knew that there's no pruduct like this around..and I was planning to purchase one for my father in law too.. So 4 star for the idea and the passion, but it lasted a week :(
Merchant Response:Hi Marti, Oh no! Sounds like you got a dud! We'll have a replacement sent out to you immediately. All BigSkinny merchandise comes with a 1Year Warranty on materials & workmanship. A member of our customer satisfaction team will be reaching out to you momentarily. Thank you for your patience & understanding. Kind regards, BigSkinny
By Cee
January 8, 2018
Waiting for replacement
The skinny mini pen arrived with the rest of my order. Unfortunately, none of the included ink cartridges would write. Customer Service responded quickly and indicated that a replacement would be sent to me. That was a couple of weeks ago, but it hasn't arrived yet. Because of the terrific custom service, I gave this a "yes" for my recommendation for a friend.
Merchant Response:Hi Cee, Thank you for calling this to our attention! We will check the replacement order status and get back to you ASAP. Be assured you will receive your cartridges. Thank you for your patience & understanding. Kind regards, BigSkinny
By Totallity
Pleasant Hill, CA
November 10, 2017
Skinny Mini Pen Great Size, plenty tough - Perfect Gift
I've had my Skinny Mini for a number of years now and have nothing negative to say. I'm surprised to hear that people have had the cap innards fall out and get lost. It may have been redesigned because when I look inside the cap, I don't see any part that could separate. Mine has traveled to far corners of the world and has held up to the challenges of travel fine. I was surprised to read some people thought it was delicate. I'm not particularly careful with stuff, and to me it is pretty tough. Having a pen available in a space that is otherwise unused is great! I was so happy with my Big Skinny Acrobat with my Skinny Mini Pen that I bought them as gifts for both my brother-in-laws and my dad got the World Bi-fold. The Acrobat has a built in money clip, so the pen really works well with that set up. It doesn't get hooked up in a cash compartment like one reviewer said he didn't like. For review ideas I would second the idea that the fine threading on the pen cap seems overkill and takes some dexterity that really isn't necessary. A cap-less version would be nice. I used to keep a telescoping pencil in my wallet that twisted at the end to advance the lead, for example. The final thing on my personal wish list would be refills in blue ink. Overall great product sure to be liked by anyone you know who deserves an unusual gift!
ProsSmall, telescoping, tough, ink, and it's there when you need it.
ConsNone, really. It's terrific as it is.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
October 21, 2017
Very Compact
I am always looking for something to write with so I got this for the Zippered wallet.
ProsVery small. easy to use
ConsIt is very delicate but what do you expect when you consider just how compact it is. Just need to be careful
By Bill
June 10, 2017
Mini pens ordered removed by Big Skinny. Maybe out of stock?
Never received any communication, just a refund. I am assuming the mini pens were out of stock or discontinued. A communication would have been appreciated
Merchant Response:Hi Bill, We apologize for the delay in communication. A member of our team should have reached out to you. We should have the Mini Skinny pens back in-stock soon. Have a wonderful weekend- BigSkinny
ProsDon't know...never received them and the mini pens were removed from my order
ConsNo communication letting me know the pens were removed from my order.
NY's Hudson Valley
March 10, 2017
Well Thought Out & Nicely Executed
Perfect in-the-fold pen that comes with three extra refills. Extends to fill length pen (you don't have to write with a "doll House pen" and cramp your fingers. The stylus tip on the other end is a nice useful addition Thanks SKINNY, for another super refined idea.
ProsExtends to a "human" length Comes with 3 extra refills Stylus tip for when you have cheeseburger fingers.
ConsCan't find any.
By Christopher
West Middlesex, PA
September 2, 2016
Great Idea and I do miss mine, but it falls apart easily
I have had the Skinny Mini Pen for less than year, so we will see how the 1 year guarantee works. It was Purchased in October but I didn't get it until Christmas. I do love the pen and miss it already. The tip that should stay forever attached to the pen fell off and down a grate when I went to use the pen today. First off, I frequently use the pen. I am current military and feel like I am missing something if I do not have a pen on me. It is very convenient to always have a pen somewhere that will always be with you and you can't forget it unless you forget your wallet... It does fit well inside of the wallet and doesn't make it any thicker than if you didn't have the pen in it. I do have some concerns about how it is constructed. First there is the tip that you unscrew to replace the ink cartridges. It screws into a fitting that is threaded inside for the tip and on the outside for the cap/stylus. This fitting appears to be glued into the telescoping shaft of the pen. The good part about this is it keeps it thin, but the bad part is that when you extend the pen, you are pulling on the Stylus/Cap which puts all of the pressure through the glued fitting. Then you twist the cap on and off putting torque through the glued in fitting. It is the weak spot of the pen and it appears that it failed for other people as well. It started failing about 4-5 months ago and I would tap it back in, unscrew the cap and pull on telescoping part to extend but today it fell out and was lost. I did get the actual refill part so on it's last use i was still about to write down what i needed to. In hindsight I probably should have glued the fitting but i never had superglue on me when I thought about it. The cap/stylus is screws on. I never counted how many twists it took to get it on or off but it seemed like quite a few especially when you need to write something quickly. This is forgivable since the convenience factor was there, but somehow in my wallet it would come unscrewed at times. I would pull my wallet out and the cap would fall on the floor. Luckily I never lost the cap! If I could make design changes: 1: Somehow fixing the glued fitting, not sure what the best fix for that would be other than some stronger glue or epoxy. 2: Changing the cap. The Screw on cap takes several twists to get the cap on/off. Reducing the number of twists would be nice. Not sure if a snap on/off cap would be a better choice or not. 3. Another option that might fix all of the issues would be to swap the end that has the pen tip. Put the tip on the thicker side of the pen opposite the stylus and have it be a twist it to extend the tip of the pen. Pull both ends to extend the tip and you actually have a thicker area to grip the pen. and the stylus end stays attached so it doesn't fall off of the clip. I do like the convenience factor of it easily fitting into my wallet and do not regret buying this pen, but at $14.95 it should be a little more durable and a lot more difficult to loose pieces.
Merchant Response:Hi Christopher, Thank you so much for the thorough review! We will take your suggestions into consideration. Also, all Big Skinny items come with a 1Year Warranty for materials & workmanship so we will have a replacement shipped out to you immediately! Have a wonderful weekend! Kind regards, Big Skinny
ProsCompact, fits well in the wallet Always have a Pen on you! writes well for small things eg: Checks, Notes, phone numbers, when someone steals your pen. Due to the small diameter and smooth shaft it is difficult to use for substantial writing... it does work in a pinch though! Refills come with it are nice and they last quite some time. Extra rubber end for the stylus (would be nice if it came with an extra cap just in case!)
ConsThe fitting that the cap/stylus screws into can become unglued and fall off. The Stylus/Cap is a screw on that takes several twists to put on or off. Stylus worked fine on my tablet but not so well on the new "Square" checks outs when signing my name. My finger worked better.
By thomas protsik
toledo, OH United States
June 24, 2016
This little pen , stylus is amazing in it's simplicity and function
This little pen/stylus is amazing in it's simplicity and function. I never imagined something small enough to fit in a wallet and yet big enough to be so amazingly efficient .....

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