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It's the most convenient and unobtrusive wallet I've ever had. Now my pants bulge only where they're supposed to.
       -Peter, Boston, MA

Finally. This is the wallet I've been looking for for, oh... 20 years!! Why has it taken so long for someone to make this sort of product? The Big Skinny is made of durable material, is well-crafted, and offers all you need (including clear window) without unnecessary extras. Most importantly, it really is skinny. Barely visible through pants (even shirt) pockets. It provides a way to carry your cards and money that is, essentially, the same thickness as the contents themselves. So choose what you want in it and you'll be deciding how thick you want your wallet to be. I don't carry much--4 or 5 cards and $100 or so in bills. For the first month I used it, I had a series of momentary panics, mistakenly thinking I'd left my wallet at home. My wife and I have retired our old wallets. It's the Big Skinny for us from here on.
       -David and Ann, Melbourne, Australia.

I especially like the thumb activated condom dispenser. Very cool! And the sleek material of the Big Skinny Wallet is pretty hot.
       -Seth, New York City, NY.

Wallet is perfect--thanks so much! I find myself pulling The Big Skinny out of my pocket just to hold it - that's how great it is.
       -Joseph, Amherst, MA

The Big Skinny is that perfect accessory. I don't use it all the time--only when I want don't feel like carrying a purse and just want to stick something in my pocket that carries the basic necessities: money, my driver's license, a few credit cards. Great for going out at night or running errands. Just like your first cell phone, after you start using the Big Skinny, you wonder, how did I ever get along without it?
       -Alexis, Washington, DC

"It is simply the coolest wallet I have ever owned. I never put much thought in my wallet before, but now I realize how much more I enjoy this wallet compared to any of the other wallets I have ever owned."
       -Adam, Los Angeles, CA

"I got less junk in the trunk with my big skinny"
       -Alex, Boston

"From laptop bag to evening gag, my Big Skinny is with me on the go"
       -Jennifer Webb, Atlanta, GA.

Sitting comfortably. I remember, in the past, sometimes taking out my wallet and sticking it in my coat when I was on the subway, because the lump under my ass combined with the weird, narrow, sloping hard-plastic seats was really uncomfortable. Corollary: the Big Skinny convenience of a dual-fold wallet without the bulk. I've been using tri-fold wallets for years, because dual-fold wallets don't fit in my back pocket. The Big Skinny is the first dual-fold wallet I've had that I don't have to wrestle out of my back pocket. Honestly, I get a kick out of its stylishness. Buying toothpaste with style. I enjoy whipping it out at the convenience store. It's sleek and attractive, and the logo is really cool. There's a corollary to that, though, too. My last few wallets have been conspicuously UNstylish, because I try not to buy things made out of leather. Big Skinny is definitely the only stylish wallet I've seen for the non-leather crowd.
       -Larry Hardesty, M.I.T.’s Technology Review Magazine, Cambridge, MA

I love my new big skinny. I can't wait to go out on the town tonight armed with not one...but two...big skinnies.
       -Doug, Denver, CO

Mit dem Dicken-Duennen werden nun endlich all meine Beduerfnisse befriedigt, denn es kommt doch auf die Groesse an!
Translation: (With Big Skinny all my needs are finally being satisfied...because size does matter after all!)
       -Nadia, Munich, Germany

The bulging wallet has always niggled at me, like chronic back pain or a tooth ache I tried all sorts of strategies to deal with it. First approach was to put my wallet in my front pocket because it was too uncomfortable in the back…this caused all types embarrassing bulge problems, so I ditched the wallet all together for a money clip with credit cards slotted between the notes. After losing a few hundred dollars and several credit cards I was forced back to a wallet. I even considered a man bag but decided this was one idea from the 80’s that hasn’t made a comeback. Whether heading down for a surf or sitting on a 48 hour plane trip to New York the Big Skinny in the back pocket is the answer.
       -Pete, Sydney, Australia

I have been using a card case for years because it was slim, but this wallet is far superior just because it has a place for bills (and other things).
       -Gary Johnson, Charlestown, MA.

The Big Skinny is just what the doctor should have ordered! For some time I’ve been getting this pain in the butt. I checked with my doctor. He said I my fat wallet was putting pressure on my sciatic nerve and irritating it. He suggested I carry a purse. I considered this unmanly. I ordered a Big Skinny, and now maintaining my manly image is no longer a pain in the butt!
       -Peter, Honolulu, HI

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